Ferrari unveils 458 Challenge

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by F50Fanatic, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. They don't look similar at all. The McLaren is the most bland looking supercar ever and a big disapointment designwise. Looks like it's designed by a man who wanted a 360 Modena but could only afford a Lotus Elise. Then he got depressed and a Peugeot designer that retired in the 1990's designed the rear....

    The 458 is on the other hand alomost revolutionary: The head lights, the flexible front wings and the clean side profile withour air intakes.... Well done...
  2. SCHINP.txt
  3. its better than any f430
  4. So much more atractive then the new McLaren ulgy crap car.
  5. Alright but I dont really get too excited until its like a Scud version
  6. wow this car is a firecar
  7. what does that mean
  9. Can't wait for the 458 GT!
  10. what is your address?

    I'm coming to kill you.
  11. thou art most assuredly incensed
  12. Ferrari 355 Challenge
    Ferrari 360 Challenge
    Ferrari 430 Scuderia
    This (Ferrari 458 Challenge)
  13. See post #1 again.

    Read thoroughly.
  14. Its an actual challenge car? My bad. Now i care very little about it.
  15. haha same reaction as me

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