Ferrari unveils its fastest model to date

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  1. I drive a Ferrari LaFerrari.
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    model is ford gt so brand + model is ford ford gt
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  4. obviously no one says it that way but those are the names of the cars
  5. ha
  6. It looks like someone designed a 2013 super car in 1992 from every angle but the rear.
    Not that impressed.
  7. No. The official name was the "Ferrari Enzo Ferrari"
  8. Wiki Lies. It's Ford is the make. GT is the model.
  9. The front looks like a riced out F458, but it does looks better than the Enzo.
  10. I think it's the best looking totally new design since the 360.
  11. Front end is the biggest mess I have seen for a over 1 million dollar hypercar. What a POS. And the way they colored the body panels on the side make it look like the side is HUGE.
  12. The conspicuous absence of a weight figure in the specs leads me to believe that it came in heavier than projections, and definitely heavier than the P1. Doesn't really matter since it will still be faster than any other Ferrari by a longshot, they might as well just put it out there. Just another example of their annoying PR.
  13. One of the "insiders" on FChat says over 3000 lb, less than 3300 lb. I would aim right in the middle of that
  14. That's not bad at all considering it has a V12, a hybrid system, and all that active aero, hardly worth keeping a secret.
  15. The rumour is 1255 kg, Ferraristas are praying it is a couple of hundred pounds lighter than the P1 because they know aerodynamically and technically with regards to suspension it will have no chance on the track
  16. Alright Iron Stallion, let's see what you've got.
  19. Anyone who thinks this thing is gonna be lighter than the P1 is dreaming.
  20. With regards to the name, I think it sounds pretty cool if you just say "LaFerrari". No "the" in front of it. No "Ferrari" before or after it. Just the one quick "LaFerrari".
  21. 800 HP NA engine? Doesnt that mae it the most powerful NA road car? Sucks Lambo could only muster 750 from their BIGGER v12.
  22. this.

    also.......was anyone else expecting it to have those winglets in the front intakes like the 458? I was certain that was going to be featured.
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    LaFerrari is Le Sexy in Official Launch Video

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video might just take the words right out of your mouth.

    At least that’s the case when the video is of Ferrari’s latest and greatest supercar, the absurdly named LaFerrari. Having debuted the 950 hp hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show today, watch the official launch video below:

  24. We'll need to wait for road tests and lap times to know how good it really is.

    In term of styling, I think the Mclaren P1 is a better looking car than this.

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