Ferrari unveils its fastest model to date

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by CitroenSM, Mar 5, 2013.

  2. The Ferrari LaFerrari
  3. you should be in gaol
  4. I wonder if I'll share a cell with LaFerrari's baby daddy.
  5. There is some definite F50 in the rear 3/4. That's about all I like.
  6. james glickenhaus doesn't like the car very much.
    he's pretty awesome to talk to and always on fchat.
    of course people think he's just sour from not being invited to get an LF. to get an LF...but then again he has a one off custom Enzo.
    I highly doubt he gives a shit.
  7. I assume LF is the short form for this monstrosity?
  8. I refuse to call it by its stupid name.
  9. I'm going to join you on this. I'll await final dicision for when I see and drive one but so far I'm not liking this.
  10. whattt.

    i think that's a pretty cock move if Glickenhaus didn't get on the LF list.

    That's bullshit. If I were him, I'd be pissed for sure.
  11. Looks like a toy and has way to much technology in it. I can't see this as a car anymore.
  12. hes nowhere near arab enough
  13. Ferrari is really good at being a cock.
  14. i'd be pissed too, i see a lot of the p4/5 in the ferrari la ferrari prius c max
  15. #$%# that. I bet like, Birdman or Lil Wayne got on the #$%#ing list.

    There are not 400 people better suited to get one than him. I'd say he's like, top 20, even just for the fact that he'd be a giant car guy and show it off everywhere. Wasted op to get like, free PR from a real enthusiast.
  16. I wouldnt say its that, necessarily, but more that James has always been loyal to Ferrari and got a custom enzo made, which Ferrari happily used as mega publicity, and then supposedly denied him a LF because of some spat over parts for his smaller racing P4/5 project. So now he is talking on Ferrarichat about buying a Mclaren P1 lol.
  17. he should get a 918 and declair he's moved to a company with actual racing history.
  18. I don't see the huge fuss over its name. It seems fitting for a car like this.
  19. What? Ferrari getting mad because they're getting beaten by a rebodied F430? NOWAI!?!?
  20. i guess it is a pretty trashy car
  21. everyone just ignore chris
    hes being rude
  22. Moderators are rude.
  23. One moderator is rude.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  24. Question:

    Does the electric motor work full time alongside engine? Based on the videos Ferrari released, it sounded as if the F70s 963HP is always available. V12 is tuned for higher revs while electric motor handles low end.

    THis approach sounds different than the P1. Sounds like it only uses electric motor for push to pass.

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