Ferrari unveils its fastest model to date

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  1. Wheels with diamond finish? What
  2. if you're buying the best product a company is willing to sell to you, you would think there wouldn't be really much choice available to you. just colours on the car inside and out and that's about it.

    why would they make sell something so rare and then have each example potentially vary so widely from example to example when you're still only buying essentially one trim level.

    on the other hand the mclaren f1 in retrospect was done relatively similarly. but that seemed more like 'come up with a good idea and we will do it'.
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    mhmhmhm it seems to much CF optionals , built all with composite materials
  4. Seems like a complete rip off. Kinda dont care for this car anymore
  5. That is too bad because I was in the market for one.
  6. i dont even find the LF appealing enough for the price tag.
  7. ...april fool?
  8. Nope, I've read about this before April Fool's.
  9. Matching Leather Luggage $99,009 - it's a little bit too much i think. 98,000$ would be ok <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  10. Yellow Tachometer RPMY $15,000 ???
    it must be a joke
  11. nope
  12. lol i remember when we deemed the giant electro glass sunroof on the Maybach too expensive of an option.

    Just on 400 examples of LF, Ferrari will probably surpass Porsche as the most profitable automaker.

    what's the mark up on those decals?? are they made out of Enzo Ferraris teeth?

    It's almost to the point where if I saw someone who paid for the decals and shit, I'd think they are a jackass.

    #$%#. This might even be worse than that #$%#ing retarded K'segg Agera Hundra or whatever with the gold spoiler and shit.

    At least that was gold....
  13. True. In fact we probably want to watch out about saying bad things about it here. They'll probably buy the site and shut it down and sue us all.
  14. Bullshit its not made up. The list contains electric seats, Ferrari has made a big deal in saying that the car has fixed seats and the pedals and wheel come to the driver.

    Also, if the diffuser is not carbon fibre already, what the hell is it made from? Cardboard?

    Big load of BS.
  15. pedals and wheels may very well come to the driver but that still leaves room for electronic back angle adjustment
  17. i like how everyone assumed it was real because ferrari has such a history of overcharging for options
  18. lol, it was thoroughly within the limits of possibility.

  19. comment retracted: Agera Hundra - Still the most retarded.

    all is right again
  20. The only things that made me doubt were the carbon fibre exterior parts like the front and diffuser.
  21. Whoa dude relax is not real!
  22. #$%# I hoped so. Love the new car.
  23. Love the new car and glad to here that was bogus news. That said what are the real options you can get
  24. Really cool article on this in the June issue of Spark magazine. It's available only on iPad but worth a read if you can get it.


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