Ferrari's heyday - amazing. the new F60 does this no justice.

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  1. 32 years old and this is as fast as a modern day honda nsx!!! I think that is soooo amazing. this is ferrari in there glory days. i mean, the new 360M is only just a bit faster than this. all those weeks spent in the wind tunnel, for what? an extra ten mph on this car and a second on the 0-60 time. this sparks off something that has been in my mind for some should be trying for the fastest top speed with the new F60 instead of settling for a feeble 205mph. i know they say they have nothing to prove but, fact of the matter is they do! They need to prove that they can still build a car that puts them at the forefront in performance terms.<!-- Signature -->
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    thing is, no1 cares about top speed, if your car will do 180 then its fast, it doesnt matter how much more than 180 it can do because you'll never be in a situation where you can exploit such a high top speed

    you say 'only a second quicker in the 0-60' as if its nothing to be proud of, 1 whole second out of just 4 or 5 is a huge percentage gain, if the 10mph top speed improvement isnt

    these days supercars r becoming more and more like racecars, and that means downforce, downforce causes drag by definition, which limits top speed, but as pay back u get more grip

    id rather have a 200mph car that could pull 1.25g on the skidpad than a 250mph car that could only pull 1.00g

    i also think the new F60 will be let down by its looks, when the competition is so strong (Porsche Carrera GT, Mercedes SLR, ??Cadillac Cien??) it will be an important factor

    a final point, Ferrari knows that it has already been beaten in performance terms by the Bugatti Veyron, no way can a 650hp car keep up with a 1001hp car, especially not when its up against 4WD, 7-speed sequential gearbox, 2 clutches, carbon fibre rotors Ferrari r just going 2 have 2 settle for making the fastest car around a racetrack, which means lots of downforce and not much top speed (205)
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    Ok first of all top speed is highly overrated. Unless you plan on running from the cops or seriously race, why do you need a car that can even go over 100 mph?

    Secondly, Ferrari IS THE premier sports and race car builder in the world. You can argue that other companies make faster cars but no other company still makes cars that are just as magnificent as those from 30 years ago. True, they have been beaten in the past but they have always been improving the technology. Their goal isn't to create cars so fast that they kill everyone in them, but they could if they wanted to. Anybody can make a car go 250 mph, but can they make a car consistently go around a track faster than everyone else?
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    yeah, i guess that is kinda a good point. i don't think there will be many cars that will ever go beyond 245 mph, as you said there is no point. but about what you said about being built for a much as i luv the 360 Modena, i have to admit that it is a lot more expensive than the porsche 911 turbo and the turbo can still put in faster lap times than the 360M. (soz, forgot which magazine or which track this was on!) Autocar i think. but in all the magazine's too (top gear, autocar, CAR, Auto Express, Evo) the sports car of the year 2001 went to the 911 turbo, not the 360M.
    with the 550M though, ferrari have created the most nimble front engined car ever. i know it is a GT but it can still beat many rear engined sports cars around a track, so they gotta have credit for that, aspecially when the 575M will be even faster.
    just hope the F60 lives up to the hype of being the fatsest track car.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from European Cars Kick</i>
    <b>it is true that this car is absolutely incredible for it's time, and it still has more performance than alot of modern day gear too! I agree the the new f60 doesnt do this justice, people want incredible figures, aswell as performance on track</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    WHO, exactly, wants these things? Come into reality for just a second, how many of these cars will EVER see a ractrack? C'mon!<!-- Signature -->

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