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  1. you racist piece of shit.

  2. In before Ferrarista!
  3. In before deleted!
  4. Where's that lebanese fat racist?
  5. uranus
  6. you are a #$%#ing puerto rican piece of dogshit
  7. Listen to me, you uneducated ghetto trashbag, you're nothing but a cretin that lacks discipline, and an uber moronic wheelman wanna be. Nigger off you turk.
  9. I hate everyone equally
  10. Damnit. I wanted you to make a better post.
  11. I hate Uruguayans more
  12. Not enough.

    I was expecting a 426 Hemistage's style of backfire.
  13. brb
  14. cyfm Teuti Canuckski

    fyi: cyfm means close your #$%#ing mouth
  15. Sled Driver?
  16. I've obviously missed something here.
  17. STFU C*NT
  18. You're a girly panzy man!
  19. Wow, I feel the heat coming on in this thread....oh wait, that's
    the heat from the burning tires on these two very fast hot carz.

    what happened to 426 Hemistage anyways?

    did he finally get banned? lol

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