FIA investigating Renault deliberate crash claims

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    30 August 2009

    Formula One governing body the FIA has confirmed that it is reviewing claims that the Renault team instructed driver Nelson Piquet to crash deliberately in one of last year's Grands Prix. The team won the Singapore race with Fernando Alonso following a subsequent safety car period for Piquet which allowed the Spaniard to take the lead.

    With Piquet having now been replaced at Renault by Romain Grosjean, Brazilian television channel Globo has reported that the French team gave orders to its second driver to crash in what is highly suspected to be the night race, forcing a deployment of the safety car.

    With Alonso, who had made an earlier pit-stop, taking the lead when the leaders came in, the Spaniard went on to win his first Grand Prix of the season. It is now believed that an FIA spokesperson has claimed that 'alleged incidents at a previous FIA Formula One World Championship event' are now being looked at.
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  3. Ha-ha, Nelson Piquet is now on poo hitting the fan mode.
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  5. Cool story.

    My favourite is still the one about McLaren deliberatly sabotaging Andretti's car because he was a treat to Senna.
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  7. as if. Go home Nelson.
  8. Yep, that pretty much sums up modern F1.
  9. Yep, that pretty much sums up modern F1.
  10. Felipe Massa suspected Nelson Piquet crashed deliberately at Singapore last year and confronted Flavio Briatore about the incident in person, it has emerged.

    It had been presumed in recent days that the source of the accusation must have been Piquet and his famous father, still furious after being recently ousted by Renault boss Briatore. But reports this week suggest that Massa immediately suspected that Piquet had been asked to crash on purpose so that the safety car would emerge and the sister Renault of Fernando Alonso would win the race.

    "He crashed in a very strange way," TV Globo commentator Reginaldo Leme is quoted as saying. "It struck me when I was talking recently with Felipe Massa. Felipe had gone to Briatore and said, 'This crash was not right, it happened because you wanted it to'.


    Leme also said other drivers had been suspicious of the Piquet crash.

    Massa had led comfortably from pole position in Singapore last September until the Piquet safety car, but when he made his pitstop he then famously drove away with the fuel hose still attached. He lost the championship to Lewis Hamilton by a single point.
  11. so much drama in this shitty sport
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