FIA sets longest DRS zone yet

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    FIA sets longest DRS zone yet
    ESPNF1 Staff
    May 19, 2011

    The Drag Reduction System (DRS) activation zone for this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix will run from the start line to the first corner.

    At 830 metres it is the longest DRS zone seen so far and the FIA hopes it will promote overtaking at the Circuit de Catalunya, which has been difficult to pass on in recent years.

    The detection point is just ahead of the final corner, meaning any car within a second of the one in front coming out of the chicane at turns 14 and 15 will be able to activate their rear wing on the following straight.

    The system was introduced at the start of the season and has boosted the chances of overtaking, although some have criticised it for making passing too easy.
  2. ...and even then it didn't seem to make too much difference in the race.
  3. It's because of that stupid chicane. There's only one line through there, so any car that is close enough to actually make a pass cannot get on the throttle until well after the leading car and is losing ground down the straight.
  4. Its funny how the chicane hasn't improved overtaking at all, yet it has deprived us of what used to be a really good fast corner leading onto the main straight.
  5. Why is that funny? Slow in fast out chicanes have never aided or improved overtaking.

    Why was that chicane added in the first place?! One of the funnest/best corners in Formula1.

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