Fiat Bravo [first pics]

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by Airborne, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Short update with some Fiat Bravo pics I made today
    I believe it's one of the first ones on the road here in Belgium.
  2. front is good, back is yuck. reminds me of seat.
  3. Looks brilliant!
  4. Fiat is kicking ass.
  5. thats a Seat with a punto nose job.
  6. No it's not, shut the #$%# up and turn of your computer you jew.
  7. I cant turn my computer off. If i do, Urgay will lose internet connection.

    And yes it is you stupid cow lover.
  8. ;_;
  9. he is right.
  10. This grey-ish color doesn't work on this car. It needs to be red (like the one in the commercials)
  11. true
  12. nice car, shame it won't be as good as the Focus/Golf/Civic
  13. Because your ignorant biased ass says so ?
  14. I don't loke the proportions, the nose is too long, the back too short.

    Here are some more pics:
  15. no, because it just won't be
  16. it's nothing more then a enlarged punto

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