Fiat Could Kill off Dodge by 2016: Report

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    Dodge’s ranks have been thinning ever since RAM took over the pickup truck business, and next year, Chrysler’s volume brand will cease production of the Avenger, leaving behind a gaping hole in its lineup. This raises the question: Is Dodge headed for the crusher?

    With these products gone or going, the alarming question has been raised by Ward’s Auto in a recent report outlining the product shortages at Dodge. And the dearth of new models is going to get worse, Ward’s reports, citing inside sources that at least two more products are already being prepared for migration to Chrysler or discontinuation. Those vehicles are likely the Dodge Grand Caravan, which will probably be sent to Chrysler and sold exclusively as the Town and Country, and the Avenger, which we already know is set to be discontinued.

    That leaves Dodge with the Durango, Challenger, Charger, Dart and Journey. The latter two now ride on Fiat derived platforms. The Dart is currently built at the brand’s Belvidere, IL, plant and will be joined by the Chrysler 100 in 2016, while the Dodge Journey/Fiat Freemont replacement is set to be built in Sterling Heights, MI. Thanks to platform sharing, both the Dart and Journey will have a Chrysler or Fiat equivalent vehicle that can step in as their replacement. As for the Challenger, rumors have been circulating about the the Barracuda nameplate being revived and stepping in as a Challenger replacement, possibly as a second stand-alone product under the new SRT brand – the first product being the new Viper.

    The Charger doesn’t have a direct copy that could spin off into another Chrysler brand, but the 300 could theoretically pick up the slack, while the Durango is already built alongside the more popular Jeep Grand Cherokee on the same underpinnings.

    So it does seam feasible that Dodge could be discontinued and its products spread out between other Chrysler nameplates, but whether or not Fiat wants to keep Dodge around for the long term is another question unto itself. The year 2016 will mark the climax of several product upgrades and manufacturing changes for Chrysler, all of which started in 2009 when Fiat took an equity stake in the company. If Fiat is looking to dump the Dodge brand, it will be decided by 2016 once all of these manufacturing changes take place.
  2. Why shutter a name with a history and loyal following of consumers? So SRT Challenger repalces the Dodge Challenger? That sounds like crap and ruins the SRT badge on the performance models. RAM trucks still sounds ridiculous, and I still just call them Dodge trucks like pretty much everyone else I know.

    Only reason I can see Fiat trying to kill off the Dodge nameplate is to change up the naming system for certain models e.g. instead of Dodge Challenger with an SRT badge Fiat will call the performance model SRT Challenger with a Barracuda badge.
  3. Fiat to kill Dodge so Ferrari wont have to worry about the Viper. Chevrolet and the Corvette are next. #Conspiracy.
  4. twas only a matter of time. the only reason fiat bought Chrysler was for the pick up trucks and the dealer network. the SRT stuff is just a bonus.
  5. Makes sense. The Dodge cars are all crap.
  7. dodge was a good brand in the past and even in the present, I won't cry when fiat goes bankrupt. Fiat makes shitty econoboxes that have crappy four banger engines and which beyond crap reliability is a constant flaw
  8. dude no, Dodge vehicles are garbage, my friend has owned a number of them (all of which I've driven), and the only one which was semi-ok was the challenger
  9. Take a 1968 charger or a 1970 challenger and don't tell me that those are garbage
  10. This post convinced me. Dodge has never made a shitty car
  11. I'm pretty sure hes talking about modern Dodges.
  12. Ralph Gilles has already said the Barracuda name is not coming back.
  13. I don't need to drive those to tell you they're garbage.
  14. You are an idiot, the 1968 charger r/t was one of the best handling muscle car of its time.
  15. Seeing of how poorly reliable are fiats, I would rather get a goold old mopar from the 60's-70's than some #$%#ing econo shitbox
  16. fiat apart from the 500 is garbage too
  17. durango is good, dart is fun but feels way bigger than it is. garbage apparently is a relative term meaning that if it doesn't feel like a million dollar car then it's a pile of shit.
  18. Goold old mopar from the 60's-70's.
  19. Oh man! A 1973 Dodge Colt. Those were pretty bad.
  20. Best basketball player in the paraplegic ward. Also cars made for their speed and appearance are well known for their reliability whereas econoboxes like a fiat 500 not so much (braces for backfire).
  21. my old dodge ram truck had 279,000 miles on it and ran great.... of course that was a Mitsubishi motor
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    Dodge is ‘Here to Stay:’ Chrysler Executive Says

    Rumors that Dodge has been earmarked for the slaughterhouse are false according to SRT CEO Ralph Gilles.

    One month ago today, a speculative story on Wards Auto theorized that Dodge might soon disappear. Nameplates would be parsed out to other members of the Fiat-Chrysler family and, at least in theory, the norm would be maintained.

    Not so, says Gilles, one of the industry’s more social-media savvy executives. Responding to a question asked of him via Instagram, Gilles denied that Dodge could be on the way out, although he did admit the brand might become “more focused” in the future.

    Ambiguous as that is, it’s easy to imagine Gilles’ comment signaling brand outliers like the Grand Caravan minivan and Durango body-on-frame SUV being discontinued.
  23. Some of the best older dodges were Mitsubishis.

    Although I know people shit on Chrysler products all the time, they're really not any worse than other American car makes. For every several shitty cars they make, they do put out a good one.

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