Fiat Multipla scan request

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  1. Hay gaiz, im doing some research for work, and I need to czech out some stuff about the fiat multipla. Their website is absolutely worthless, and we dont have dealers to talk to over here in the states, so I was curious if anyone could poast some scans of ze multipla.

    thank you
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  3. ugliest car ever produced.
  4. so ugly it is awesome
  5. +1
  6. I don't even consider it different - the mk2a it is - I just find it different from everything else on the road
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    thanks, but the one thing im really interested in is the "double electric sunroof." I have yet to find a single source that actually says what it is/does. Is it a panoramic roof? Is it 2 pieces of venting glass? Is it a true dual sunroof? is it a single sunroof with+ a glass roof?

    thanks if you know, if not, thanks for the info anyways.
  8. I Googled 'multipla sunroof' and one of the first things that comes up (after clicking on images) is someone's blog about finding leaks in their Multipla's sunroof. The pictures aren't great but it looks like the Mk1 Multipla had identical front and rear tilt-only sunroofs. There isn't room for them to retract into the roof, and I doubt they slide on top of the roof, but that's possible. Also, it's not a sunroof/panoramic roof combo.

    What kind of job do you have that you get to research dual sunroofs on wacky cars? Maybe a custom car shop or something?
  9. Im an intern as an engineer at toyota. Im in the group that does functional body hardware like sunroofs and door handles and such. doin stuff on new shit thats out there. Turns out this roof rry isnt very interesting.
  10. I agree about the roof not being all that exciting. It was probably innovative for the time, but things have moved way on. I always thought Porsche's Targa glass panel roof was a good idea, if a bit pricey. Your project seems quite challenging, so good luck.

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