Fight Club = a novel

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  1. who's read it??
    if you haven't you really should...
  2. Barry, shut the **** UP.

  4. I already knows the ending.
  6. ending is different in many ways axshully.
  7. I read the guys other books but I'm not gonna read the book of a movie I've already seen / know the 'punchline' of
  8. It's kind of different.
    At least read the wiki!!
  9. Haha, nope.
  10. Are you #$%#ing serious? Is this not a troll thread?
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    Do you only ever watch a movie once? Do you only ever read a book once? Have you ever read a book first, then seen the movie, and said "The movie was way better!?" Books have way more detail and a different mood depending on how you interpret it.

    Also, its called a 'twist ending' when it occurs in 'movies' that you 'watch,' i.e. modus operandum et al.
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    I think the bourne movies are better then the bourne books. Ludlum isnt all that great a write i think.

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