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  1. Post you favorite fighter and why please! Just got into fighters and don't know much about 'em. So educate me guys!
  2. Its close with the panavia tornado for pure awesomeness, but the F-15E just nudges out in front via brute force
  3. Favourite jet fighter would have to be the F-14. So beautiful. The J35 Draken comes a close second though. Favourite piston engined fighter is tougher. Probably the FW190, or Sopwith Camel. There are really too many great ones to choose just one.

    Oh wait, gotta have a F-4 in there too.
  4. I've loved the F22 since I first saw image of it as a young child.
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  6. WORD. One of the first video games I really enjoyed playing was F-22 Lightning 3.
  7. F35 Lightning II, the STOVL version, the bastard child of a Harrier and a Raptor.
  8. F4U Corsair
    F-16 Fighting Falcon
  9. meh, theyre hideous
  10. No where near as ugly as the X-32.
  11. As far as styling is concerned my favorite is the F-104, but it has a shitty interior.
  12. Awesome,. what's that Red one called?
  13. Saab Drakken... this plane has passion.
  14. F-16 and -although not a fighter, but a fave plane by default- the B52.
  15. Those aren't F-16s.
  16. P38 Lightning. Its not a fighter, but I also like the a10
  17. No they are F-16Is, which are block 50/52 F-16s with conformal fuel tanks and israeli avionics.
  18. List by Era

    WWII: P-47, P-51, F4U

    Cold War Pre 1974: F-86, F-4, F-14

    Modern: F-15E, F/A-18F, F-22
  19. oops
  20. Draken, actually, just one k. Means Dragon
  21. i dont know if its fighter, but i love the starfighter
  22. MiG-29

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