Fighter planes!

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  1. Lancaster lol. And the textbook Japanese answer would be the B-29?
  2. Still in the pre-production phases.
  3. why do you like those modern freedom hating fighters
  4. Fulcrum family, Flanker family, Rafale, Eurofighter
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  6. MiG-29s and Su-27 are afwul? Lolwut?
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  8. Messerschmitt 262
  9. eurofighters pwns f22
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  20. WWII: Corsair

    Cold War: F-86 Sabre

    Modern: Mig-29

    This made me think of a question, which was truly the most capable fighter plane in the US arsenal of WWII? Was it the Mustang or the Corsair???
  21. The latest versions of the mustang were ridiculous. Probably not as rugged as the corsair, but definitely more manouverable, (i think) had better range, and could hit as hard. Better climb rates as well.
  22. the Mig-29 is such a beautifully proportioned plane.
  23. Yeah they were way faster, but the F4U was an excellent carrier plane, and perfect for multirole missions.

    The mustang was the "flagship model" of the USAF though, power, speed, looks.

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