Finally got around to ordering the Hydor Koralia 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. I'm pretty pumped. Should be here by the end of the week.
  2. Knowing you, it is for one of two things.

    1. Some type of fish tank thing
    2. Something used for smoking
  3. Now you've got me brainstorming on how it could be used for smoking...
  4. what exactly does it do?
  5. I have the smallest one. Love it.
  6. I bet that keeps a FW tank super clear.
  7. Shit ya. It pulls all the poop to one side and keeps a nice whirlpool of action on the surface. I'm so glad I got it
  8. i figured it was a fish tank thing... i cant wait til i move to a more permanent house, i want a nice tank...
  9. Filter on one side my koralia on the other side about 4" down from the surface
  10. Yeah I just need a significantly higher in-system flow. I realized that the holes drilled in my tank, for connecting a sump, only allow a a much lesser flow through than I had originally thought. So if I turn my sump pump on its highest setting, it starts to run dry, as it can not drain fast enough. So I need to create a ton more flow in the water to get all the detrius out from all the caves and structures I have built and am trying to grow corals on. Dead-zones are very bad.
  11. I'm moving in a couple months, unfortunately. When I do, I'm thinking about setting up a 3rd tank. Either a FW Aulonocara biotope, or a SW mantis shrimp species tank.
  12. You've got me stumped.. A FW what?
  13. An Aulonocara tank. They're a genus of Afrian Cichlid. Lots of them are considered 'Peacock Cichlids.'

    I've been researching paludariums a lot recently. And have thought of a really awesome design for a system. like, super incredibly cool.
  14. I want to get a big parrot.
  15. power head
  16. my thought process went the other way.
  17. if I had an aquarium I would fill it with those tiny sharks.
  18. Sweet. Dude a tank of Africans would be wicked. I'd love a 100+ gallon frontosa tank.

    Pics of design?
  19. I've done Africans many times in the past, and they became one of my favorite families to raise. But never done a specific genus.

    The idea I have is for a paludarium or a riparium, with an overflow filter, either built in-tank, or beneath. With an auto top-off system that simulates rainfall in an enclosed system. Probably actually using two separate aquariums of different sizes.
  20. Holy #$%# that's sick.

    Fully hektik m8

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