Finally some snow hitting us

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  1. we have the christmas village today at the lake in my town and no snow <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
    poor kids
  2. Its in the 80s F here and yesterday had tornado warnings in Eastern Texas. Really windy.
  3. where in Montreal are you that you've got snow and I haven't?
  4. So I hear Washington DC got a couple of inches of snow (over a foot to be expected) which caused more than a thousand car crashes, 6000 cancelled flights, and a state of emergency declared with the National Guard dispatched.

    Xaxaxaxaxaxa I laugh in faec of amerika capital oblast.

  5. After learning the last two winters exactly how useless summer only tires are on ice/snow, I replaced them with good all-seasons this year.

    Not a flake yet.
  6. its like double digits during the days in van at the moment
    rip the ski season soon
  7. so 8 death already due to snow storm in USA#1

    jesus christ guys
  8. Are there any laws regarding the use of winter tyres in the states where snow happens more often?
  9. its a state by state thing. some may require it but most don't
  10. Innotech, you're in/near Texas?
  11. 14" here at the moment, good Subaru weather.
  12. According to wikipedia, out of the Canadian provinces only Québec requires snow tyres. Wtf?

    I remember using all of my cringe inventory in Northern China where there was a lot of snow (there's a shitload every year and it can get to -40°C), yet those niggers kept crashing in summer tyres like it was demolition derby.

  13. Ontario only gets mentionable snow north and east of Toronto, which is like 5% of the population
    The rest of Canada is backward and doesn't matter
  14. I really can't figure out how other province do it.

    Here, with everyone on snow tyres, it can be mess. 3-4 cm and your commute is 30min more, at least. People drive slower and more accidents.
  15. We are at 20-24in right now in New Jersey.
  16. Kinda hard to mandate it for BC when Vancouver maybe gets snow settling on the grass twice a year tops.
  17. loling @ demlition derby.
  18. Still haven't seen snow my entire life other than on top of mountains.
    It's supposed to snow on higher elevations this week, maybe even in Jerusalem which is an hour away from here. But I don't have the time.
  19. That narrow stretch of BC coast is a bit of an exception

  20. though on the major highways in bc it is manditory to have winter tires on your car as you can be fined if you don't.
  21. So wikipedia has inaccurate/incomplete info as usual...

    I thought that sounded a bit odd, being able to use summer tyres all year long in Nunavut.
  22. we got hit yesterday too.... dat hail tho.

    Australia... Summer..

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  23. Do you ski? Looking to hit up Snowshoe sometime in the next few weekends hopefully.
  24. Late response, but I'm not a skier.

    If you end up going to snowshoe, give me a shout we'll grab a beer or something if you're up for it.

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