Finally the Ford Lightning is second!

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    Wow! Viper can drive in a straight line!... still can't punctuate. I wouldn't unleash my beast on you... cause you have no idea who your talking to. Maybe my Grand Vitara is a better choice, it would dog your shit! Enough of the Child speak.... Psyclone good point! no one talks of those much anymore. In fact, Chevy released a prototype Twin-Turbo Trailblazer with 400 hp! check it out in MotorTrend.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from YIMMY</i>
    <b>"uhm ok so you think the Viper is expensive?
    uhm think of any car that can match its performance for that price or less? uhm, no idea? well, then lets say, find a car that matches its performance for... less than $100,000 ? hardly."


    Well you asked for it, so ill say it. The z06 is probably one of the best preformance deals out there

    1996 Viper GTS (66 grand)
    Top Speed 185.0 mph 0 - 60 mph 4.4 seconds
    0 - Πmile 12.7 seconds
    Lateral Acceleration .97g EPA City/Hwy 13 / 24 mpg
    (i know its a 96, but it had the most comprehensive stats)

    2002 Corvette z06 (50 grand)
    Top Speed 171.0 mph 0 - 60 mph 3.9 seconds
    0 - Πmile 12.4 seconds
    Lateral Acceleration .98g EPA City/Hwy 19 / 28 mpg

    Umm... i guess being cheaper and beating it in 4 out of the 5 major performance categories (ok, 3 out of 4 if you dont count gas) should give you the answer to your first question... and for the second one? BUY TWO!!!

    Ill admit the viper looks cooler, and I might even prefer one (especially the new one) but the z06 is definately a car that can match its performance, for less money.

    (all the stats not listed on I took from the offcial chevy press release)</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    According to my matirial, the Viper stats should be:
    3.9 s 0-60
    12.1 @ 118mph in the 1/4 mile
    1.00g's lateral acceleration
    196mph top speed

    The new 405hp Z06 almost matches it, which IS quite impressive for the moeny, but the Z06 is at every corner, and rather cheapy looking with the side vents. The Viper is very exclusive and very exotic looking. Hence the price difference.

    As for this truck, it will be made as is, and it will be matched by the Lightning by late 2003 early 2004 model year according to SVT. They are apparently working on a nearly 500hp Lightning. But hey, how can the Lightning compete with something 800lbs heavier, that rides on 24in wheels, and that bost a 500hp Viper V10 attached to a 6-speed Getrag Tranny. The Ram SRT-10 has those status goodies that will sell it.<!-- Signature -->
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    My uncle bought a 2002 fix or repair daily lighting. It is really burning his ass up that the srt-10 is going to weld the doors shut on the fix or repair daily lighting. I have heard a lot of people say that the srt-10 needs a v-10 to out run the lighting but the lighting needs a supercharger to out run a pinto. Take away the supercharger and the lighting ain't shit. Dodge could have put a 426 hemi and it would have still smoked the lighting. It looks like ford is going to have to pull there heads out of there asses to out run this truck. I'm so glad that dodge is going to make this truck because I'm
    tired of hearing about how fast the lighting is but all I can say is you can take this dodge and ram it in your ass!
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    hey dodge rules what are u talkin about apparenty u r jealour in riding around in your DODGE DART put it this way drop the motor out of the GT90 which is 720 hp which is more than any hemi every come of the showroom and put it the lightning and stick it next to that SRT and see what happens anybody can go back and forth apparenty you don't know your cars they take a 351 in nascar and port it and everything and push over 850 horses out of it so yea viper engines are good and so are hemi's but I am afraid that if dodge produces it then ford will come out with a special version of the lightnign that will take the srt well u need to do some studyin before u blab blab blab
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    For those last 2 children who dont know what they are talking about, let alone know what they are spelling, NASCAR is run by Dodge, Chevy, Ford and Pontiac. They all have their own engines, but are all restricted to the same cubic inches, horsepower and so forth. So dont bring up NASCAR again. 720 Horses in a pick-up? What the hell are you going to do with that? Liquify rubber and inhale the fumes?
    To all the true performance fans, who like competitors, not hate them, Peace and safe driving!<!-- Signature -->
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    meradur apparently you never been to a drag strip, there is a few lightning pushin over 800 horses and yes they get them to hook off et street tires but u have to change your suspension and put good traction bars with the right setup u can get it to hook so again u don't know what u are talkin about and if u did u wouldn't open your mouth because u don't know nothin about drag racin come to the ROCK in rockingham nc dragstrip and see what u got.... peace so yes a 720 horse power truck can hook and i have seen one run high 9s a 94 lightning later
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    Hmmm.... ever heard of periods(.)? They come at the end of sentences for your information. As for your drag sh*t, car companies dont produce cars for dragging, people build them up to drag. Just like the Honda CRX I saw doing 9's. Thats all he could do with it though, a staight line. Ford and Dodge wont DRAG their trucks, of all vehicles, too far into the hp wars. It wouldnt be realistic. As far as your invitation to Rockingham, I would be glad to drag your ass down the strip in bracket racing if thats what you want. You know thats how you compete in drag racing, don't you?<!-- Signature -->
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    Bracket racing lol yea that means u can have a slow car and still win and that don't prove nothin seen a stock celica win one night i am talkin about 2 runs and who ever has the best wins if u are man enough to bring your daddy's disel truck out there lol and by the way i do have a lightning and yes it is in the 12's and if need be i can get it in to the 11's with one more mod so bring it on and if i need to get my friends car if you got get one it runs 9's and yes i know how to drive it do u probably not been faster than a 15 in a car later
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    and by the way bracket racing isn't the only way they do it the pros do elimination if u ever go to like a 5.0 shootout or somethen they don't bracket race they put u in a slot and if u win you keep on goin if u loose then u put your car in the trailor and the other ? is i guarantee i will beat u on the bowl i rarely get anything worse than a 5.7 on the take off if u know what that is
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    its stupid to say that for isn't going to sit and watch dodge beat there lightning. cause they will. they sit back and watch every car manufacturer kick the shit out of the mustang. ford doesn't have a car to compete with the corvette and viper, the mustang has enough trouble trying to keep up with f-bodys. so get used to the lightning being second. cause we're all used to the mustang being 5th and 6th.
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    Hey meradur so what do u have anyway reveal your car lol because i believe the only way u can beat me is if u through your car off the cliff and it hits the ground first, just do all of us a favor if u ever come to the track stand near the fence and just watch because people like you are a waste of my time and gas peace out Vega driver...........

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