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  1. Asked the question in forums a few months ago on how bio fuel would effect power and performance of the CCX considering it can run on various octanes and of course biofuel,this is the answer I wanted.Just need some performance specs.Anyone?
  2. probably over 250 mp/h, and a lot faster up to 60 and 120 mp/h...
  3. I agree, mabey even faster then that.I guess we wait and see though I think it's safe to say the Veyron is going down.All hail the king.
  4. YEAH! it is about 200hp more, so over 250mp/h, yes!
  5. first we have the T1 and now we have this... All Right!!! two cars to end the Veyron dynasty.
  6. I'm a big fan of Koenigsegg and the work they do, but I think everything will come down to traction. 1000+ horsepower is wonderful, but at least the Veyron had AWD to try to harness it. The CCXR is working with RWD, so I can imagine it will be very difficult to maintain control of this vehicle.
  7. In the hands of a capable driver I think this car could run rings around the veyron on a track. Veyron has a lot of grip but is just to damn heavy to throw around a corner so even with the AWD i dont think it would handle better than this. (much better anyway).
  8. The T1 peaks just over 200mph so the Veyron takes it I the top speed game but,with the sweet power to weight ratio of the T1 the designers at Caparo have alot to work with tweaking it any way they want.The T1 is more of an overall track car not a speed record holder.As for the CCXR I'm waiting for offical performance specs but it's totally going to improve on the CCX and trump the Veyron.#$%# I want one.
  9. mee too!
  10. Okay then...two it is.I will place my order a soon as i sell my organs to the hospital with the highest bidder........i hope I have enough organs.
  11. UMMM...ditto for me as well this or the, T1 and Aero TT. I'd be trying my a** off to own...Godd*mn do most of us have expensive taste or what?!?
  12. No sh*t man certainly can't wait those numbers. Sh*t even if its faster than the Ultimate Aero TT, I'm gonna be fu*kin' thrilled too death if fact it can...and I fu*kin' hope so, d*mn it!

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