Finaly out

Discussion in '2005 Ford Mustang GT' started by grandegg, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Yay there finaly out...even though i'm not getting one
  2. i feel the same way, hopefully it will give those ricers a good reason to shut the hell up
  3. hell, there already ARE lots of reasons for those riceboys to shut up, one of them being the roar of a REAL exhaust system. this is just the cherry on the sundae baby. all of America's pride in years past is brought together in this car. affordable, beautiful, powerful, simple, luxurious, and DAMN FAST BABY!
  4. Yeah, in my opinion riceboys shouldnt be talking in the first place, and they should feel like dumbasses, spending upwards on 50K, and they have a car with 250HP, w/ the new GT you already have 300+ hp, for half the cost, and a nice exhaust note.
  5. Exactly y'all, I laugh everytime I hear one of theose Fart sounding flowmaster four bangers rolling by me. I think it's so funny someone would do that to a car. Just think , all we had to do was knock off the muffler when we were kids lol.

    future owner of
    gray 2005 GT
  6. haha yeah, don't forget the primer white body kits on their blue Civics

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