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  1. I have been looking everywear for pics and info about this car for years... it really is beautiful.
  2. The admins really dropped the ball denying us our frog-skin clad Bentleys, the nerve of some people. Seriously though, how many frogs is that? That a damn big car, and I'm guessing they didn't skimp on the 'grenouille'.
  3. Wow and here I thought all cars made during this decade were ugly
  4. I've seen this car in Amsterdam a few years ago.
    It looks even more stunning in real life.
    On eof the best coachwork i've ever seen.
  5. Imagina this in a Godfather style movie. Truly one of a kind
  6. You need to get out more.
  7. very pretty. But why frog skin!!!! wasn't there any better choice?? and exactly, as Sniperhail pointed out, how many frogs did it take them for this car
  8. This car just recently sold in a Barret-Jackson auction for $1.4 million. It previously sold for $5.8. Wow. I love this car.
  9. Not realy my kinda car but damn if it aint amazing.

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