First Drive: 2006 BMW M5

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    Kind of disappointing about the HUD. BMW needs to work on getting more at real-time.
  2. "...the largest naturally aspirated engine I can think of that exceeds that Holy Grail of more than 100 hp per liter of displacement?"

    Anyone who has never heard of the Enzo, Carrera GT, or McLaren F1 should not be allowed to write articles on performance cars.
  3. Hmmm, yeah that HUD rev counter seems totally pointless since it doesn't work right.
  4. Wow, I didn't catch that when I read it the first time. I guess the author didn't think very hard that he couldn't come up with a bigger engine.
  5. I know this is a false statement but still a remarkable achievement for the scale of production.
  6. Why do they say it's the 2006 M5? Can't you buy it like, right now (2004)?
    Oh and that John Booth guy said that it hit 167mph, after pushing the power button, that means 268km/h. Aren't all german cars, except Porsche, restricted to 155mph/250km/h?
  7. The M5 is not for sale yet, and is expected to be available in the US in 2005, making it a 2006 model.

    I'm not certain, but I think the limit of 155 was always self imposed.
  8. SOunds like a software issue, I'm sure it will be solved by the time full scale production starts.
  9. Should be an easy thing to fix.
  10. Officially the speed limiter is at 250km/h but most BMW's can do little extra (if they are powerful enough ofcourse)
  11. why dont they just use a normal Gearbox instead of all this fancy crap that never works very well?
  12. The 7speed SMG is supposed to work quite well + its F1 tech so it matches the theme :p
  13. That transmission is perfect, you're retarded.
  14. It works quite well. I'd like to see you make a complete gearshift in 50 ms.
  15. have u ever driven a car with that much power and a stick? unless your driving it hard, it sucks, especially driving around in town. its supposed to be a family supercar, it would take away the practicality that comes with an M5, its not a frick'n mac that likes to be driven hard all the time. bmw expects you'll be dropping your 10 year old off at school in this car, get the point?
  16. I wish it had a real manual too, at least as an option.
  17. id imagine the automatic mode is sketchy.. the motor wants constantly to take off.. the trans is required to keep the car tame even under the most unsure heavy footed driver.. the computers are telling it: "settle down! youll scare the children!" and the motor is telling it: "go Go GO GO GO GO GOGOGOGOGO!! AHHHH!!!" . the only time the car agrees with itself is in sport mode in its most aggressive manual shifting program. this is the way it was meant to be driven. this is the way it wants to be driven. this is the way i wanna drive it!

    edit: if this car was a person, he would be a heavily medicated diagnosed psychotic with split personalities. but on some nights, he howls at the full moon like a F1 car, cuts loose, and slaughters other personified cars with reckless abandon.
  18. if the technology is good enough for F1 drivers, i believe it will perform just fine for the midlife crisis grocery getter dad.
  19. I like the idea of a manual as well. SMG no thanks.
  20. Do you realise how big a 7 speed h gate would be? It would also be incredibly easy to change into the wrong gear and wreck the motor.
  21. I don't think M5 buyers do their own grocery shopping.
  22. Why not just use a 6-speed. That 7th gear really isn't needed.
  23. Good for marketing.
  24. That's a bit unfair, although this is an expensive car, it's not a freaking limo. Plenty of professionals will own it who tie their own shoes and everything.
  25. you can have the limiter removed in mercs, but they onluy raise it to 186mph, because the tyres aren't rated to go any faster. i read an article about it in CAR or something...they did it to a CL65

    BMW say the M5 would do 205mph fully de-restricted...but they don't condone it

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