First Drive: 2012 Ferrari FF

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Mar 29, 2011.

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    WTFF? Is this the world's fastest, lowest-slung SUV? Its hottest hatch? The umpteenth sign of the apocalypse?

    OMG! The winningest team in Formula 1 and the company that best translates that racing technology to its road cars has gone off the reservation and built an all-wheel-drive wagon with a suspension that goes up and down like a Range Rover's. Not even Nostradamus saw this coming. The Mayans were right -- the world is ending in 2012!

    Such was the hysterical reaction of many following the Geneva unveiling of Ferrari's latest V-12 grand tourer, the FF. That's because the company decided to go for a revolutionary redesign of the 612 Scaglietti with the aim of luring more rich golfers and skiers. Basically the design brief was this: Make the car fit four full-sized 95th-percentile adults, plus a couple of tournament golf bags or four people's roller bags for a weekend getaway within the 612's footprint, while ensuring that it could A) reach the slopes safely in winter, and B) perform like any other Ferrari on dry pavement.

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  2. that owns

    haters gunna bawwww
  4. I think its pretty cool.
  6. Superior engineering
    Superior performance
    Superior design
    Superior ....coolness

    ...oh well F E R R A R I is another way to put it....
  7. And I thought I couldn't dislike a shooting break.
  8. Yeah compared to an orange or a tree stump it's tits
  9. superior design, lol no
    superior coolness, lol i don't think there's ever been a ferrari which makes you look cool since the late 80's.
  10. So where does it fail iyo?
  11. Where does the design fail?

    It lives up to the criteria of seating 4 adults incl their bagage
    It is aerodynamically efficient
    It is loyal to the present Ferrari design DNA
    It is innovative
  12. It also has an absolutely disgusting front.

    edit: and your fanboy post makes you look 10 years old.
  13. look at the front, look at the back, look at the side. it's hideous.

    give me a 456 any day. i would even take a 612 over this.
  14. Engineering and performance, undoubtedly. Design, whatever floats your boat. Coolness? this thing is completely and totally uncool
  15. So does a giant orange
    So is a giant orange
    It is a giant orange
  16. 456 all the way
  17. Brilliant engineering, ugly as sin.
  18. how it is innovative ??
    shooting brakes are known since the 1950's

    i really dont understand ferrari design direction, the 458 is OK in terms of design becuse it has nice profile, but the details are ugly (specially the front).
    IMO, the last time ferrari was having good looking cars was when the 550/575 was in prodction (true classic).

    and before any of ferrari fanboys start flaming, this doesnt have anything to do with lamborghini.
  19. i have to agree with you on the 550/575 part. 360 cs was good looking too imo. after that it all went down hill.
  20. Totally agree on the 550/575 being the last good looking Ferraris. I also agree on the 458, I saw it IRL for the first time and it was sort of awkward looking, wouldn't have though that from seeing pics.
  21. It's just terrible to look at.
  22. and

    It is ugly
  23. Oranges are good for you too.
    Looks like it's a clean sweep for the orange.
  24. terribly ugly
  25. It'll probably sell like every other 4 seat Ferrari that came before it. Which is to say, not terribly well, even for Ferrari.

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