First Drive: 2012 Ferrari FF

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Oh you.
  2. The design lives up to all the criteria set by Ferrari and because YOU don't like it, it fails!?! Ha ha ... your ignorance is out of this world:

    your post makes you look 8 years old
  3. I can agree that a 458 or a GTO is not cool. But this is! Aston and Bentley do not have the balls to even dream of making a design this controversial. They are as predictable as the motorized B movies they are in comparisson.
  4. Very few, but THIS one do make you look cool. I love they way it has made Ferrari fans angry because of it's shooting brake design.
  5. Innovative? The 4WD is very clever and poobs big time on the systems of Porsche, Bentley and Lambo despite the fact it's Ferrari first production 4WD ever. That's innovation.
  6. Sportscarshavewhatever is now worse than Raging Balls.
  7. i dont mind a shooting brake, this is just so ugly. and no this won't make you look cool. the quattroporte makes you look cool.
  8. agreed.
  9. Face the facts presented to you by a person who actually drive Ferraris.Ofcourse my opinion counts more than yours.
    I have never driven a say...Koenigseggeegheeggeg so I can't claim it's a horrible piece of shit and I'm not going to (like you do with the Ferrari you have only seen on pictures ...well done!!!) But if one you of you kids drive it and tell me it actually is a piece of shit I think it's worth listening to.
  10. Nobody is saying it drives like shit you moron, they're talking about design and you don't need to drive it to have an opinion about it. You're like a 13 year old girl throwing a hissy fit because somebody around her called Justin bieber ugly
  11. this ^

    no one said its a bad car, were saying its an UGLY car.
  12. Everyone in this thread seems to agree it's ugly.
  13. Explain what makes this system better than those others. Be as technical and specific as possible.
  14. porsche did it in 1981, and back then IT WAS innovative.
  15. opinion counts only to the person who say it. fact (which u arenot providing so far) counts to everybody with logic.
  16. It's not even the shooting brake part of the design that's making me angry.

    It's how #$%#ing hideous the entire thing is that's making me angry.
  18. So


  19. Im curious on why the awd system is so much better than other manufacturers. You'd think the AWD systems from V.A.G. & Porsche are far superior to Ferrari's FIRST system

  20. Aston Martin is too busy making great looking coupes to care about making a #$%#ing awd hatchback
  21. so many wrong opinions in this thread
  22. Yours being one of them.

    ur gay

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