First Drive: 2012 Ferrari FF

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Mar 29, 2011.

  2. front grill horrible
  3. No reply to this yet?
  4. Ferrari is finally doing what Porsche has been doing for what... 10 years now ? I mean making other things then 2-seaters. Its a nice change, now beauty is in the eye of the beholder <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  6. well, i am really happy to see this car is made for two reasons,
    1. i really like shooting brakes, and this car will bring this type of cars into life. i hope other car makers make shooting brakes also (like aston martin and maserati).
    2. ferrari using 4wd system. no-one can deny ferrari effort in the cars technologies, and using the 4wd will bring intersting competetions with others

    in terms of design, i am still disapointed with this car and i still belive ferrari/piininfarina can do better. soon i will post my idea of ferrari shooting brkae which i did 1 year back (basd on 550/575)
  7. Thanks for providing the only intelligent post in the entire thread.
  8. omfg I can't wait to see this. Clearslider thread part deux?
  10. It's better because it is significantly lighter as it has no drive shafts connecting the frontwheels with the gearbox.

    The front wheels are disconnected unless there is really a need for them to drive. This makes the FF feel exactly like a RWD car 99% of the time driving it.

    The steering feel is better than other AWD because the car has no traditional front diff but and seperate clutches on each front drive shafts allowing the fron wheels to run free.

    It is a totally different experience from driving any other AWD car.
  11. No. That is a Koenigsegg 5.0 block
  12. Finally making other things than 2 seaters? What planet do you live on?
    A few ferrari 4 seaters/2+2:

    612 Scaglietti
    456 GT
    365 GTC/4
    365 GT4 2+2
    365 GT 2+2
    330 GT 2+2
    330 GTC
    250 GT Berlinetta ”Lusso”
    400 SuperAmerica
    250 GTE 2+2
    250 GT Ellena
    250 GT Boano
    250 Europa
    166 Inter
  13. Such a shame they've only made one good 4 seater
  14. I'm not liking this design direction that Ferrari is taking
  15. I checked. Still ugly.
  16. I want a 575M.

    Now that was a good-looking Ferrari. Not this.
  17. who honestly decides to buy this thing after analyzing all new car options
  18. I want a 512M
  20. last good looking ferrari. true elegant design.
  21. It's an amzing looking piece of art!
    Because you can carry four adults so that all of them can have fun with the car experience!
    It's something new that we all have to get use to it, same with the panamera...
  22. I thought it was sort of established that what makes it look like shit is not the fact that it'a a shooting brake, but it's uugly front and chinese looking details
  23. ^ Oh these guys.

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