First Ferrari ever?

Discussion in '1947 Ferrari 125 Sport' started by Black Devil, Oct 21, 2002.

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    The F40 was from around 1988; celebrating Ferrari's 40 years of existens.
    So, it could be the first..... but that I don't know for sure.
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    Yes it was a Ferrari's first car that they made but the had made some before but they were suplied the parts form there Creator company Alfa then in 47 they split.
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    Where would we be witrh out these old cars?
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    Yes it's the first car with the name Ferrari, but there are Alfa Romeo race car which are made by Enzo Ferrari.
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    The stats are wrong. This wonderfull car has 118hp at 7000rpm and 162Nm at 4500 rpm.
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    the true start of a legend. i bet ferrari had no idea they would be wher they are today, being known as one of the top companies for fast sporty cars.
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    I was under the impression the first Ferrari was s/n 0012/C, which had a similar (if not the same) engine, but different bodywork. Perhaps this is the first road-going Ferrari
  8. This is widely recognized as the first ferrari. There were frankenstein cars before this one most likely, though, so I am not discounting the possibility of those still existing (I sure hope that they do!) To carknowledge, I bet you are right, with the exception of Enzo himself, who was (justifiably so) pretty arrogant!
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    Actually, you're all wrong. The first Ferrari ever was the AAC 815 Tipo. It was'nt called a Ferrari because Enzo had some contracts that would'nt let him build cars as "Ferrari." Here's the link:

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