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  1. Look like it lost its title to the Bugatti 16/4 Veyron with a W16 engine and 1001bhp. Oh well The Enzos time is what 0-60 in 3.6? The Bugatti is est at 3 flat I think
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    Wrong wrong wrong, Veyron is not production yet... so it's not possible for the Enzo to have lost to something that doesn't exist yet.
  3. Put twin turbo's on a Nissan GTR Skyline and tune the hell out of it and it will beat Enzo down the stretch. It is easy (in retrospect) to get power from cars. How a car can govern the power- control the forces (brakes, steering, suspension, drivetrain,aerodynamics/balance, power curve) is what separates a Skyline GTRTT from a Salleen S5, from an Enzo.
  4. jep , maybe it could outperform the TT, but is isn't a production car. the tt is , and streetlegal too.
  5. fraid it is, tvr will build you one if you want, its road legal in europe, but not in the U.S. so it is road legal
  6. I tought there was only 1 TVR speed 12 sold over the world because somebody wanted to make them a speed 12 for him. could you say then this is a production car?
  7. the original speed 12 was a production car, but they changed it after the FIA changed the rules for it to race. This is why the brought out the cebera speed 12.
  8. the s7tt would outpreform a speed 12. the speed 12 is far too unruly of a car. chassis isnt stiff enough, it lacks ABS, traction control, and damn near anything else.

    the speed 12 is a hell of a car, but it would not fare too well against many of the cars out now.

    and just as a note: the s7tt is only running 4 pounds of boost. theyve been reliably tested at over 1200 hp (source: Head of lamborghini of dallas, who has sold 2 or 3 s7tts). They limit it for safety and some reliability reasons.
  9. Um, the Pagani Zonda F 7.3 IS faster than the Enzo. It beat the Enzo's unofficial lap time on the Nurburgring by about 2 seconds, also losing to the Porsche Carrera GT by 2 seconds as well. As for whether the Enzo was the most powerful production car to date, not by a longshot. The TVR Cerbera Speed 12 ('98) had an output of 800 bhp, and I know of some mid '90s Vectors that had higher horsepower.
  10. Sure the bugatie has the power but the enzo ilighter and has beter brackes
  11. i think know the ferrari fxx which is a legal street car it is faster than bugatti and anything in the world and by the way wat if you customize the enzo and customize it like the skyline scuderia15 wat would happen to the fatest car in the world. it will be named as enzo
  12. It's in production now
  13. This isn't the 2nd most powerful car.
  14. this is all wrong. for 1 thing the bugatti is a production car because you can buy 1 now.second the pagani zonda f is like a next gen car so you can't compare them same with the saleen s7tt.the name of the forum is right though because the koenigsegg is the fastest car in the world because its light as hell and slippery.And so what if a skyline can beat it,but you would have to TUNE it so whoever brought that up is a retard because you can only compare them if the enzo could be tuned and LOOk it can.

    Koenigsegg ccx is the best car ever. peace

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