First Image: Aston Martin One-77

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  1. I don't like the wheels or door but luckily Aston doesn't my broke ass in mind to impress.
  2. This thread makes me laugh. A teaser picture has been released and nothing more and there are already people defending it and those accusing it of not going far enough.

    I wish I had all your ability to tell so much from a picture. Now that you will all turn on me does anyone have this weeks lottery numbers?
  3. theres something you can already tell by that pic:

    1)the overall design is pretty good like most astons
    2)they ruined it with cheap looking tuning like the DBS.

    the db9 is still the better looking aston ever made, who takes the dbs over it i bet also likes the fast and the furious saga.
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  5. ooooooohhhhhhhhhh.... I like it a lot.
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  7. changing as needs demand. like an air brake coming up when you brake or a spoiler coming up at xMPH and back down again past yMPH.

    active aero is one of those developing things that are bound to get better as time goes on. I think, and this is just a feeling, that saying a car has "active aerodynamics" implies it's aerodynamics are optimized on more conditions than just whether or not you're pressing on the brakes.

    As an aside, I think active aero and df:CoD ratio will be more important to performance cars of the future than P:W ratio.
  8. Nothing is better than trying to correct someone that was making a joke and then making stuff up like df:CoD.
  9. active aero isn't on a lot of cars. I didn't think it wouldn't be out of the question someone didn't know what it meant when companies use that term. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A> but hey, if you do congrats?

    And downforce<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>oefficient of drag is a ratio for judging aerodynamic efficiency. it's a big deal and I'm sure I don't need to tell you that high drag isn't necessarily a given on a high df car.

    I know you don't take me for a particularly smart person, but I'm smarter than to just randomly assemble some letters for the purpose of coming of smart. If I wanted to do that, I'd add a % somewhere in there <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  10. My point was that df:Cod is not anything, just use downforce : coefficient of drag. If you wanted to use the correct abbreviations it would be CL:Cd.
  11. goooood joooooob.
  12. If they want to be in a different breath as Porsche, they should stop doing what Porsche do by making their cars start to look different from each other. At least when Porsche releases a flagship (Carrera GT) it looks drastically different from the 911. This thing looks like all other Astons.
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    Update: Aston Martin One-77

    30 September 2008

    New pictures have surfaced online of Aston Martin�s sensational One-77 hypercar.

    Along with these two new images, a document has emerged which purports to be a sales contract between Aston Martin and potential One-77 buyers.

    There�s no way of verifying whether it�s real, but it does suggest new details about the car.

    Excluding local taxes, the base price of the One-77 is claimed to be �1,050,000 � making it more expensive than a Bugatti Veyron. Selected customers can secure one with a �200,000 deposit, according to the document.

    The leaked paperwork also states that the One-77�s engine is a 7.3-litre version of Aston�s V12, with around 700bhp on offer - not 650bhp, as was previously reported.

    It�s also claims that the One-77 will have 550lb ft torque and that the gearbox is a six-speed automated manual unit.

    And, as Autocar had previously reported, it�ll feature a retractable rear spoiler to aid aerodynamic downforce.

    The One-77 is expected to use aluminium and carbon fibre extensively in production to keep kerb weight down to around 1500kg.

    It�s brakes will be carbon ceramic and it will get adaptive suspension as standard.

    For the time being, Aston Martin won�t confirm or deny any of these details about the One-77.

    But with deliveries starting from the end of 2009, it won�t be long before we know more about the most opulent and fastest car the British brand has ever built.

  15. oh no my good pants!
  16. It's at Paris right now
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  19. Looks nice, though I wish the grill was a bit smaller.
  20. looks way better than the renderings. I have high hopes.

    Also, imagine a Zagato version!
  21. I'm getting excited. I hope to god it's pretty to look at on the inside. Prodrive better not have made it all race car nothings in there.
  22. I've always hated the DB7 Zagato grille, not sure why they've decided to imitate it here. Otherwise though, looks interesting, and I think the ultra-tailorability is a *fantastic* idea.
  23. Looks like every other Aston since 2004. ZzZ
  24. Um, looks like every other Aston since the DB2 of the '50s. That family resemblance has done them well in the last 50+ years. Changing it up so it dodn't look like an Aston would be business suicide and not that necessary. You want an Aston, you buy an Aston, you want something that looks different, buy a different car. I feel it's better than mainstream cars that have no family genetics.

    Front engine 2 seat or 2+ 2 GT cars have a particular form that all of them have had, regardless of manufacturer, since front engine GT cars have existed. It's only the grille and tallights, and occasionally the side window details, that set them apart, and that set apart a new version from one of, say, the '60s. Whether that's a new V8 Vantage, or a '60s 275GTB, or an '80s RX7. Long, low pointy aerodynamic nose to cover the engine and front wheels, low, sloping aerodynamic roofline to the rear of the car to cover the rear biased driver/passenger, and a low, usually kamm-effect tail to end it off. it's the details that make it different from previous models and other makes versions of the same layout.

    So yes, this front engine Aston is going to look like other Astons. And that's simply not a bad thing.

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