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  1. I sat in the first Murcielago to be in the states. And took pics of it next to the second one to be in the states. And for all those who are gonna come on and say this is bullshit, its not. My friend works at a really nice stereo shop, Precision Car Audio, and they get all kinds of nice cars. There was also a 360 Modena in his shop that i also sat in. The Ferrari was really comfortable, but the Murcielago was kinda uncomfortable because they are built so you dont' slide back and forth when you are going fast, so it kinda pinches your hips. And they are a ***** to get into. Not that i'm complaining though. I'd take one in a second.
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    hey sorry to dissapoint you but i think i saw the first murceleago which has been bought and i have been in it.......... this in the united arab emirates payed a million dollars to be the first one to have it in the world.....and im telling you it looks much better than it is in the pic....
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    no offence, but he said first one in the states. And either which way... can i be your friend? lol Fck these are wicked cars. So many people are raggin on the new Lambo and its stupid. This is a Lambo either which way you look at it and it's a dam nice example of one. Oh if only I could afford one... *drifts happily into dreamland*

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