First instrumental test: Lexus LFA

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  1. See your post #27:
    "teh same performance of F50, 15 years later.
    Useless supercar, just for mid-east collectors"

    Could we not say the same for F50 vs F40? Worse performance, 8 years later. F50 would be useless, yes?

    The LFA, despite no R-compound tires like the LP670 and likely less grippy tires than the 458's, was faster in the corners in Auto's test, and produced more g in the braking zone. That is nothing special? I think for a front-engined car, to match the 458 in steering per Auto, despite an electric setup, is also somewhat remarkable.

    Oh ok, aluminum vs CF that is true. But they also had tried mid-engined for awhile.

    mafalda, I have to ask you: What is the use of a supercar? What do you think most buyers use them for?
  2. "458's, was faster in the corners in Auto's test"
    1. not a suprise: LFA has more downforce (and more drag)
    2. it still 4.6s slower... why? I ask you because in your mind the LFA is perfect, and I cannot criticize it
    perfect engine
    prefect chassis
    perfect brakes
    perfect handling
    ...perfect gearbox <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
    high grip (it means... tyres are not a reason....)
  3. ^who gives a shit
  4. Vs up in here
  5. Hey guys?
    Whats up?
  6. I don't know, I think the LFA is awesome though.
  7. 1. More downforce? It's only ~13 kilos net difference from the 458 (per Sport Auto). You think 13 kilos is a huge difference?
    Not name for me another front-engine car on normal tires that cornered that fast in Auto
    2. Could be any number of reasons. Your implication is that the LFA is slow? Being slower than a 458 (slow car?) does not make a car slow.
    No, I never said the LFA is perfect. I say I understand what Lexus were trying to do. BIG difference. You seem to think Lexus are trying to compete with 458...why do you think that? So many months in, and still no answer. Mag test isn't proof of competing. I can point to Enzo vs WRX/etc if you think that's proof.

    Why do you not answer the question: Is SLS in the same class?
    What is the use of a supercar, mafalda? 2nd time now...
  8. To stick it up your butt
  9. to pull tonnes of vag from mall parking lots
  10. Lop so true the main use for a supercar is to get pussy
  11. To get sex would be more correct. There some men out there who use those cars for masturbation and I guess we found them.

    Who gives a flying #$%# go watch some porn
  12. If you can get steamy tween vag with an old 944 imagine what you can get with something like a Carrara G T ???
  13. Mall parking lots, nightclubs, high end restaurants, cruising through Hollywood and Monaco...they're used to be seen in, to say "I have more money than I know what to do with and if you put out, you can can get some too."
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  16. answer the QUESTION
    Lexus isn't Asian is it?
  17. check faux louis vuitton with confident
  18. lexus is technically an american company
  19. at least according to forza
  20. Brand, not company.

    I was told once years ago by a Lexus salesman that "LEXUS" is a sortof anagram for "Luxury Executive for the US"

    no idea how true this is though - probably not at all.
  21. lexus are not good in making supercars
  22. ^never driven one
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