First instrumental test: Lexus LFA

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  1. New GT3?
  2. mafalda, how much do you think Ferrari could charge for the 458 if they announced only 500 were being made? And if they changed the body from aluminum to CF which they weave themselves in-house? And if the car shared no major component development with any other? Do you think they would still only charge the current price?

    You compare to Ferrari, but you of all people should know that Ferrari's list price is *artificially* low. 2-3 year wait lists for V8 Ferraris, Enzo's selling at $1M+ *used* tells us this is the case.

    Also, why do you consider the 458 the competitor to the LFA, but not the 599, which is closer in price, layout (front-engined), and volume?
  3. guibo always writes a lot in these threads
  4. hes italian
  5. well he was just expecting it to be faster, i wouldnt make a drama about this
  6. in 2002 a lot of memebers here in this forum made a drama because Enzo was 0.3s slowen than F1 on 0-100 mph...
    ...I see this foum is changed.... (this forum change everytime when the slower car is from Maranello, or not...)
    My opionion is this: LFA is incredibly expensive, toooooooooo much. you can buy an 911 TT PDK + 458 Italia.

  7. I can read english, you can read italian...?
    even so, LFA's performances still are nothing special, I don't know if you can read numbers...
    When I'll see/read in this car something special, something new, I'll change my opinion. Now, for me, is overpriced.
  8. LamBoy é italiano...
  9. io sono di massa carrara quindi si posso leggere l'italiano :p
  10. Comparing a Lexus to a Koenigsegg on any level is plain laughable, just seeing an LFA next to an Agera would be a joke.
  11. He's mad, but he's right about this much...
  12. I doubt that the residual value of the 911 or 458 will hold up as well as the LFA. They're both a dime a dozen compared to the LFA. Don't believe me? Check out the car ads for 3-year-old Porsches. Ouch...
  13. attention, don't touch the LFA... some members'd kill you... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> :D
  14. I'm right, but I'm mad....
    half-good news for me....
  15. He's only right if no one buys the car. This appears to not be the case...
  16. I couldn't get past the first few lines.
  17. To my knowledge this car is in the class of the 599. It's also about the same price as the 599. So it isn't that expensive when considering it's a limited edition.
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    It's also about the same price as the 599... GTO, and surley the LF-A cannot comptee against it.
    even so, tested 0-300 50s, as like as BMW M6, 7'38 @ 'ring , as likes as GT-R and just 2s better than SLS (develoved all @ the ring) and reading autocar... my predictio was good

    "It is a measure of the rate of progress in the supercar stakes that, when Lexus confirmed the LFA’s statistics, some voices were heard to question whether 552bhp was enough. The thinking was that simply matching the entry-level Ferrari and Lamborghini wasn’t sufficiently spectacular for a car costing twice the price."

    "Peak torque of 354lb ft is not only less than the 458’s 398lb ft but it also arrives 800rpm later."

    "In performance terms, the LFA’s biggest disappointment is its single-clutch gearbox. It is here that the delays in the LFA’s development are most obvious."

    "What disappoints, though, is the failure of the LFA’s dynamics to engage the driver in a consistent way.

    In the right conditions, sure, the LFA is exceptional: composed, flat and breathtakingly fast. However, at this price, we’d hope for more.

    The Noble M600 and Ferrari 458 Italia offer more consistent all-conditions dynamics. Which leaves the LFA as an occasional car, even by supercar standards.
  19. Yeah we'd all be asking who was the deadshit who parked this American V8 here.

    Lol good gag
  20. mafalda, you didn't predict anything worthwhile of mention. This is likely the same pre-production prototype they tested in their initial First Drive months ago. I thought you were predicting no one would buy this car, LOL.

    7:38 on the 'Ring, same as the much quicker, mid-engined 458 Italia which has a 7-speed DCT...and reached a speed some 20 kph faster than the LFA on the straight. Hmmm. Where do you suppose the LFA is making up that speed difference? It's also much slower than the 599 on the straight, yet posts a faster lap time.

    Besides, this is just one review. Evo magazine drove the car on UK B-roads and rated its ride feel about on par with the 599. In terms of bespoke nature, sonic qualities, interior refinement and build quality (you know, the things that actually matter to paying customers), the LFA surpasses the 599. And this is not yet the fastest version of the car.

    Can you point me to a 599 GTO for sale at MSRP? Does Ferrari sell the GTO to just anyone who's not a movie-star big shot who hasn't bought a Ferrari before?
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    458 was not developed @ the ring my dear.
    about DTC and launch control, you can find them on a TT RS but not on the $400K supercar....
    about the 458 and sport auto, you spent some words about its wet-handling (post #2,032)... but none about LF-A... why...? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
    No prediction!?!? go back to post #39, April 1st....
    "Performance: LFA is nothing specials"
    I was right, no launch control and after 30mph LF-a still no beats the rivals (SLS, Gallardo, 997 TurboS, 458)
    "Price: twice than challangers".... "it's jus a collector car"
    It's a fact
    "Handling: I'm waiting, but I doubt it will be the new benchmark...."
    I was right too. I cannot find an handling-record
    verba volant, scripta manent <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    LF-A Vs 599? 599 is 4 years old, front engine and more luxury.
    sport auto did 7'46", and don't forget the 599 had the standard setup (not HGTE) and was not developed @ the ring.
    price in Italy
    LFA > 400k euros
    599 F1 260K euros
    599 GTO 330K euros

    even so, I can write whatever you want, I show you just numbers and facts.
    and because Autocar's been confirmed my prediction...
    this si the link
    now you and Ticklaford Tickla can send an email to call them "fanboys" <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    ..I'm not the only "mad"...
    "Re: Lexus LFA
    Sep 07, 2010 7:43 PM
    I think it sounds great and actually looks fantastic, like nothing else. But the performance is a let down. In isolation it is fantastic, 3.7s to 60, 7.8s to 100 match the F40. But compare this to the 458 Italia which scorches to 60 in 3.3s and 7-flat to the ton. Compounding this is the price which is double its direct rivals.

    Gallardo -smokes it

    458 -smokes it

    599 GTO -smokes it

    Murcielago -smokes it

    SLS -smokes it

    911 Turbo S -smokes it

    Indeed, the only car which is narrowly shades is the Nissan GT-R which costs 20% of its price. Lexus LFA should have either been 150k or had 650+ bhp.

  23. don't let it crash with a bmw
  24. Why does Ferrari have a facility at the 'Ring?

    Reventon and Cinque don't have DCT...quite a lot more than $400k, no? VW's also had DSG at a time when Scuderia didn't.

    I noticed you didn't comment on REAL cost of GTO...wonder why? Probably because the cost of a GTO involves the cost of another Ferrari, if you want to be on good terms with your dealer.

    599 more luxury than LFA? How so?

    Re: wet handling
    It's more of a test of each car's ESP system than anything else. We have seen some wildly varying results too; eg. 997.2 GT3 RS slower than GT3 by nearly 7 seconds, both on Cup tires. 458 is mid-engined so has more weight over driven wheels and should be more quick to react.
    (EDIT: 997.2 GT3 RS slower than 997.1 RS by 9.5s...)

    You forgot to include these comments, mafalda:
    "If outright performance is not of paramount importance, the lower two-thirds of the rev range should not be ignored, because listening to the sound of the LFA’s engine under load from low revs is one of the most spectacular experiences in motoring. What starts as a multi-toned warble becomes ever harder, sharper and louder as the revs rise, culminating in a full-on F1-style wail.
    And yet for a car of this layout, the LFA displays a remarkable willingness to change direction – a consequence not only of the quick-geared steering but also the exceptional rigidity of the carbonfibre central structure.
    It may be expensive to buy, but you can bet your life that an LFA will be a pleasure to own, given that it wears a Lexus badge. The customer service that its dealers offer on any Lexus model is a match for that awaiting most owners of bona fide supercars.
    Its construction is a work of art, and we cannot imagine ever growing tired of its engine. In 30 years’ time, we’ll remember the LFA’s engine as one of the greatest petrol powerplants in existence."

    You have to remember, Autocar are making their overall assessment in terms of price and against (perceived) competitors. They're not considering the fact that there's 3-year wait in their market for the 458, if they want to get MSRP. And at this level of the market, people don't really care all that much about performance; if they did, they'd all be driving modified ZR1s and nobody would buy a Bentley. People want something well made, something special. The LFA, with its bespoke interior, crazy engine and CF construction, is certainly special. Owners will know that when they're the only ones in a crowd of 458's at the next Sunday rally.

    Like I said, go read other print articles of the LFA.
    And LOL @ user comments. You seriously think any of these guys are buying? People buy LFA, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc like they buy watches: It's not to tell the time!
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    Wet handling is bad? Well at the top gear test track it was just 2.9s slower than 458, even though the LFA was done in a very wet track and the 458 on a dry track. Go figure.

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