First nation reserves and parks

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  1. Should we get rid of them ? I mean, they don't pay tax, they have their own laws and to top it all, they use their "special" status to transit drugs to USA #1

    I'd bulldoze them in a jiffy.
  2. What is wrong with drugs and not paying taxes?
  3. this is a serious thread son
  4. Im deadly serious; i think you are wrong with your corrupt capitalistic views
  5. Yes, and keep the redmen around to become slaves.
  6. define corrupt capitalism? How is it "corrupted" to bring them into society and not segregating them into amusement parks?
  7. Hey why not?

  8. well black people didn't fare all that well in general society...
  9. lol not sure if you're serious or not, but wow
  10. Special government initiatives and services for First Nations is the primary cause of their ongoing problems with poverty, drug abuse, and crime.
  11. White folks took all their other land, might as well finish the job.
  12. Canada should give them typhoid fever.
  13. That's exactly my opinion.

    and its a fact anyway.
  14. Its the same reason the Maritimes have stagnated economically compared to New England.
  15. Damn yes! Kill all these Indian reserve for good.
    They do whatever they want in their reserve and don't give a damn about any laws.

    I still remember 1990, when those bastards blocked the Mercier bridge. I had do drive 2 hours to go to work and another 2 hours if not more to go back home. Usually, it was an half hour drive to and from work.

    I'll never forget those mother#$%#ers!!
  16. Yeah man, if I had to rank the number one problem with the Native Reserve system, it would have to be a 2 hour traffic jam in 1990.
  17. It's not just that. It what it did after 1990.

    The federal and provincial government caved in to their demands to give them their land that they asked. And since then, they are doing whatever the hell they want in the reserves because they know that they have both governments by the balls.

  18. sounds like the same as what we have here. we have camps for gipsy's. they don't pay taxes and deal drugs like whoa.
  19. and steal/kill even more
  20. On the upside you can smoke inside, cheap booze, casinos and cheap smuggled cigarettes. I say keep em.
  21. lol stangman getting all mad and wanting to eradicate an ancient way of life just because he was mildly inconvinienced 21 years ago
  22. So they do what ever they want in their reserves, What's the problem?
  23. whatever ,it keeps them happy & lazy. just what we need to keep the system going ....
  24. lol its not like they are getting special treatment, these people live in pretty horrid conditions. maybe get some education and stuff in there, give them some support so in a couple generations they can integrate into society or something.

    keeping them in squalor and these silly gov't forms that ask if you are an abo obviously don't seem to be working.

    kinda hard to get a job if you are raised by chain smoking gas huffing panzer métis who live in a broken trailer park home / chrysler cardobas, thats basically all you know about.

    its like telling a bum to get a job.. would you hire him ? no. but you could in fact help him by getting him ``off the sauce`` or teaching him to sew workboots together [via education] so he can work in a factory, maybe show up as a pair of hands on ``how its made`` one day.

    plus, if they made you `drive 2 hours` then they got your attention. maybe instead of being selfish you could think of what would drive someone to do that. regular whiteman canadians get paid $40-100K to sit on their ass all day and live in huge ass homes, so you don't even know what poverty is.
  25. Seems like white people prolems

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