First Pics of the 2010 Spec Lola LMP

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  1. Here are the first pics of the 2010 Spec Lola LMP racer (B10/60 for LMP1 and B10/80 for LMP2). Lola has been just about the best car available to privateer teams and the car looks to be much improved for 2010!

    Lola was one of the constructors hoping to enter Formula 1 this year, but did not get a bid, so they've now taken everything they learned in the process of designing a modern F1 car to improve their sports racing cars as well. While it may look very similar to last years' car, it's actually totally new from the rear of the doors to the tail.

    I really like the new sidepods being totally smooth as they've had big vents and louvers in previous years and the car just looks really slippery now.

    This car is an LMP1 belonging to Rebellion Racing (formerly Speedy Racing Team Sebah). It's powered by a screaming Judd V10 Rebellion will enter 2 of the LMP1 coupes in the Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

    In this post I'll post the a photo of a 2010 and 2009 car for comparison and then I'll post the rest of the 2010 pics.
  2. it does look gorgeous
  3. I just creamed my pants
  4. In the ALMS, Drayson Racing will run in this exact same configuration. They haven't mentioned if the LMP2 version will get all of the updates too, but I'd assume so, expect a similar version from Dyson Racing!
  5. I love how smooth and organic looking the rear of it is, reminds me of a dolphin.
  6. yay, another closed lmp, so much better looking than open racers.
  7. Lola have always known how to make good looking cars it must be said.
  8. Lola in F1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>USF1
  9. i used to hate open top cars but most of them look sexy as hell
  10. And Lola in sports cars >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lola in F1
  11. Lola in both=god like
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    If Lola in F1 took away at all from their sports car programs, I'd be against it completely, but if they had the resources to do both, I'd be ok with it.

    Lola has the best design for the new Indy Cars too.

    Here's a short vid of the Rebellion Lola testing. Judd V10s always sound great!
  13. agreed
  14. And now a few pics of Drayson's car updated to 2010 spec!
  15. Agreed. Good color scheme on the Lola as well.

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