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  1. OK, deicded i wanted to get back into drawing, but i ain't dun it for ages, so this is my first attempt, so i'm an amateur.
    I drew it from a picture i took, wasn't sure if i should colour it in or not, because i dobted my colouring skills, and you can see why,
    i've posted the original picture, the pencil drawing then the finished,

    lemme know what you think,


    i don't have a scanner, so these have been took on my digital camera, so they look pretty squit
  2. not perfect, but not bad either
  3. Use the macro next time you take pics like these. I can't tell what's going on.
  4. holy crap they're huge!

    resize otherwise nobody can tell anything.
  5. sorry

    heres the resized ones,
    lemme know what you think again lol,

  6. yeah not too bad, but if you're gonna colour it you have to have the shading down too, so you'll probably need more than one shade of red pencil.
  7. yeah, need tpo get better with the shading, i did use 2 different shades of red, the darker, was mainly used on the rear lihts, and the surrounding area, and used to touch up other areas, and the lighter one was the one i used for the majority of the body, but they don't seem that different
  8. ok i thought it was just one shade and you just made it lighter.

    but yeah, the darks need to be much darker.
  9. Learn how to draw ellipses and straight lines.
  10. i can't draw elsipse for shit, they always go wrong, the back wheel might look a ,little weird cos sum proportions got mixed my somwhere
  11. Here's my Zonda F and Koenigsegg CCr. That's all. :p
  12. I made them on boring lessons at school...:p
  13. I like the skecthing but you're weak side is easily the Wheels as most can see, im guessing you had no tools for it.
  14. Yes I hadn't ...
  15. tools are for the weak. If you wanna be good at drawing cars you need to be able to draw them freehand.

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