First Shots of Hennessey Performance Venom GT

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  1. Thanks for the diagram. That makes perfect sense.
  2. almost every car in the world uses ball joints.

    infact..even some of the most expensive/advance/fastest.

    also notice the single shear steering link. its amazing this car even moves!
  3. I didnt say it cant work, because obviously it can. all I said is that a double shear style is structurally better. If youre willing to give up a bit of on paper strength for ease of manufacture, assembly, and packaging, more power to ya.
  4. also..would you rather break a $2 bolt..or a $100 T6 Billet Aluminum tie rod? if your in a crash severe enough to shear a grade 8-12 bolt...its gunna have enough force to shear the tie pick your poison. A quick/easy fix. or a call to the manu. to get a new part. Your not really gaining strength as you are switching to point of failure.
  5. if youre in an accident heavy duty enough to shear the ball joint, ideally you would have the frame tabs be a designed breakaway point, so you lose the entire corner. That way you dissipate more energy. In accidents your worry shouldnt be cost of repair, it should be energy dissipation.

    and one of those ball joints isnt 2 dollars.
  6. did i say a ball joint was $2? i said bolt...never said anything about ball joint...all my stuff was about the bolt going through a spherical bearing/heim joint.
  7. The bolt may cost $2 if it is only grade 8, but I have spent up to $50 per bolt before.

    Also here is a good example of an upright that has double shear mounting points built in.
  8. wow..they gunna need a 40inch rim to clear it..nice!
  9. out of all cars that look like other cars, this has the strongest resemblance to anything that ive ever seen
  10. *13"

    The upright is from a Forluma SAE car.
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  12. For your own sake, delete this post.
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    break the 7 minute barrier. while its a car iam starting to get into, i dont think it will break the 7 minute barrier.
  17. i like hennessy to but it seems like every body hates him
  18. ^ oh shit its you.
  19. mpg did not say he liked Hennessey.. and you could never spell his name right. Its not spelled like the cognac.

    He has a bad rep because he is an Asshole. He would steal parts off of customer's cars, use them for his own personal experiments and BLOW THEM UP, customers would order turbo packages and his crew would do nothing but change the badging and charge the customer for the work done (or in these cases, NOT DONE), and deny all wrong doing.. Hennessey sucks.. only thing he has is good marketing and magazine relationships.

    He also likes to make big claims for his cars and then never back them up. This was supposed to be a Viper V10 powered car, he couldn't even keep that right.
  20. Hennessey is the worst! He had bad reputation and still does but For different reasons. His builds are all over inflated and relies heavily on marketing of his dyno graph lies which are fake. Dyno queens. No testing either and things will brake. Not to mention he charges more money than anyone would for such poor parts and design that will brake something.

    He comes on forums for real and has real control issues. He still comes on forums today and has done so here for real.

    Stay away from this car as it won't be worth it in any sense.
  21. He steels everything! Not original in any sense. He is a cheater a lier a thief of everything from concepts, designs, r&d, parts. U name it.
  22. well lately many magazines and websites have recently tested many of his cars and recently many of them actually have dyno tested the cars. the cars are actually making about or more power than hennessey suggests. lately hennessey's camaro hpe550 or something like that has been liked by many car sites such as motortrend, insideline, road&track.
    i understand the venom gt is a stretched copy. everyone already knows that; but how about RUF or companies that grab a porsche or corvette zr1 and add a few different body panels and call them their own cars?
    iam not saying your wrong but their are alot of companies that have been doing what hennessey has been doing way before hennessey started working on the venom gt.
  23. and oh yea welcome back mindless oath, havent seen you here in a while.
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    his cars are not dyno queens, I'll give him that. He does a lot of road racing, 1/4 mile, standing mile and the like to promote his cars. My big gripe with him is the fact that he stepped on his customers to get where he is. And the output his cars make is nothing to lie about either so he really has no reason to. Tuners like Heffner have been beyond him for quite some time. And as far as I know he hasn't come on any forums, don't be so naive, odds are much greater that it was somebody trolling, here it was certainly somebody trolling.

    Still bugs me that this is called 'venom'. As in the name for his tuner VIPERS! It has a Corvette mill for christ sakes.
  25. woops i didnt mean to put "to" in that senstance and lol at the last paragraph

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