First try with 3d software: Google Sketch Up

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  1. Ive tried modeling with other software (Alias, Rhino, and 3DS MAX) but those were not as user friendly. Its def a work in progress..
  2. my drawing tutor was showing us that the other day. Apparently its really good for some things but for cars its not so good.

    He pretty much designed his house using it
  3. I know another software that is free is blender, but that is impossible to use. What is the best free program to make cars in 3d?
  4. rhino is good for cars apparently. But its not free. You can download a 25 save trial though
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    For anyone that is familiar with game modding, there is a freeware program called Zmodeler made by by Oleg Zanoza. I have made plenty of cars with it (i use version 1.07). I would show images but im not on that PC.

    If you want to see work done with it, visit a grand theft auto mod site, need for speed mod site, etc. Its polygon by polygon, unless you create a big plane and shape it or somthing. Its for the most part a low polygon modeler for that reason, but really, you can add as many as you like it just takes time.

    edit- and you might also actually find it more interesting to model your own design and export it to a video game format and 'drive it'.
  6. We should have a Google SketchUp Competition.
  7. 1 hour into Maxing, now i pretty much know how to start the program -> open my project and add points... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    But Its going to look like a Mini one day.
  8. You should really model each object as an individual object instead of trying to make most of it as one object.
  9. Haha, I already designed a house with it.

    For homes, it's an excellent program.

    For cars...simple designs are not hard. More complex ones could possibly be done, but with more care and time.

    I'm in the process of CAD-ing a car right now, and I am trying to keep the design simple. I am hoping that it's simplicity will allow me to easily put it into Sketchup.
  10. Cool, house pix?

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