Fisker buys Wilmington GM plant

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  1. WILMINGTON, Del. – Fisker Automotive announced today that it has selected the Wilmington Assembly plant in Wilmington, Del., formerly owned by the “old” General Motors, as its new location to build affordable plug-in hybrid cars.

    Fisker executives made the announcement inside the dormant facility today, joined by Vice President Joe Biden, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and other state officials.

    The plant will support Fisker Automotive’s Project NINA, to develop and build what the company describes as an "affordable, family-oriented plug-in hybrid sedan," costing about $39,900 after federal tax credits.

    Production is scheduled to begin in late 2012. Fisker Automotive anticipates Project NINA will ultimately create or support 2,000 factory jobs and more than 3,000 vendor and supplier jobs by 2014, as production ramps up to full capacity of 75,000 to 100,000 vehicles per year. More than half will be exported, the largest percentage of any domestic manufacturer, according to Fisker.

    The modernized Wilmington Assembly plant was selected for its size, production capacity, world-class paint facilities, access to shipping ports, rail lines and available skilled workforce.

    “This is a major step toward establishing America as a leader of advanced vehicle technology,” said Henrik Fisker, CEO. “Wilmington is perfect for high-quality, low-volume production and will soon be the proud builder of world-class, fuel-efficient Fisker plug-in hybrids.”

    Fisker Automotive has signed a letter of intent with Motors Liquidation Co. (MLC), formerly known as General Motors Corp. to purchase the Wilmington plant for $18 million after a routine four-month evaluation period. An additional $175 million will be spent to refurbish and retool the factory over the next three years. Funds will come from a conditional loan of $528.7 million the Department of Energy awarded the company in September.

    The loan is part of the $25 billion Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan program (ATVM) appropriated by Congress in 2007 to help the United States lead in the development and manufacturing of advanced technology vehicles.

    The company’s first car, the Fisker Karma, will be the world’s first production plug-in hybrid when it goes on sale next summer at retailers in the U.S. and Europe.

    Fisker plug-in hybrid cars will help remove the country’s dependence on foreign energy by eliminating the need for 42 million barrels of oil by 2016. They will also offset 8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

    “With our close-knit business, government, and educational communities and our potential to respond rapidly to new opportunities, today's announcement is a testament to what works best in Delaware. Fisker is a perfect partner in shaping Delaware's economic future, and we are thrilled that the vehicle that can reshape the automobile industry will be built here in Delaware, by Delaware workers.” said Gov. Markell.

    Gary Casteel, UAW director responsible for the plant, said, "It gives me great pride to give UAW Local 435 workers the opportunity to partner with Fisker Automotive to create a greener America by building a plug-in hybrid car that will compete globally."
  2. I wish I had a plug in car. The whole Canadian prairies are setup for it. Electrical outlets everywhere to plug in block heaters, you could easily tap into free power.

    So, Fisker going to go bankrupt in 5 years or blossom? lol
  3. it will fail.
  4. Good luck w/ that.
  5. Saw UAW, lost all hope for a successful outcome.
  6. its so #$%#ing sad too. i mean, its basically an electric aston martin. yet the #$%#ing workers will #$%# it up royally.
  7. so plug-in hybrid saves gas because it plugs into our power system.....and that power is supplied by a fossil fuel burning power plant that will have to increase its output and therefore churn out at as much, if not more, pollution than the cars being replaced by hybrids in the first place?

    or is the power supplied by nuclear plants?
    that would make more sense.
  8. Wind and water n00b
  9. Firstly, only (lol, only) about 70% of power in the US is generated by fossil fuels. Further, large power-generation facilities are significantly more efficient than small automotive engines (in the realm of double). If a plug in were to run entirely on electricity, its possible to reduce emissions by two thirds compared to a conventional power plant.

    That is of course neglecting the increased emissions associated with the dirtier metals (in terms of environmental cost of mining and smelting) in an electric or partially electric car.
  10. yeah, i forgot about all those windmills and hydroelectric plants i see all over.....oh wait..
  11. ive read statistics from both sides, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    personally, since i have no interest in children, im really not concerned with what happens to the planet after i die, but it's still neat to read about all the innovations being made.
  12. The point it that you can build more to generate clean electricity. There's only so much you can do to clean up the gasoline engine.
  13. yeah what matters other then you right ...
  14. pretty much, yeah.
  15. I actually was really into Fiskers new project and the cars look beautiful. However, now that the hypocrite Gore flying around in his private jets all around the world spouting how carbon dioxide is killing the world and how its ok to pollute all you want as long as you buy pay the government for the carbon credits. BLAW BLAW BLAW. Anyways he bought into the company and now I wouldn't EVER give it even a little consideration.

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