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  1. exactly , like i said I think its pretty much the perfect balance of off road capable and on road manners ...

    if you want a dedicated offroader the Touareg shouldn't be on the list. But if you need a comfortable daily driver that can have some fun on the weekend and is a beast in the snow its a really nice car to have ...I have been really impressed with its off road ability for a lux suv ..

  2. The articulation has everything to do with the independent suspension and nothing to do with chassis stiffness, which is what I was referring to. I've seen Touaregs with one wheel lifted high in the air, and the doors opened and shut without issue. As for light trails, I doubt a stock Cherokee could run circles around a Touareg with the (optional) diff locks. The fact that the Jeep came with open diffs all around is surprisingly limiting (I should know, I had one. Get any articulation on a loose surface and you had better not stop.) Also, don't lump flexibility and articulation together like that, especially if you're going to point out the floppiness of the Cherokee's structure. Articulation is a suspension thing, and is good. Flex is generally a frame thing, and is bad.
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    Are you saying you can't have wheel travel with independent suspension? You really shouldn't stereotype independent suspension like that.. Of course you can, but again it would hurt its road holding and ride quality, especially with a full switch to solid axles. And not all Chero's had open diffs, LOL!! Both mine had LSD equipped dana 35s. One (1990) had Select-Trac, other (97) had Command-Trac. Command-trac is a locked center btw. Select had a viscous coupler. You #%!@ at me for giving the XJ a bit of a hard time and here you are shitting on their 4x4 systems, clearly having no clue what you are talking about.

    My '97 ended its life as $300 worth of scrap steel (drive train was still fine tho, could have got more), and you can bet I would run circles around a Touareg with it. One because it was rather capable, two because I did not give a #$%# about hurting it. It did not have a spot that wasn't scratched, dented, broken or rusting out.

    Again, in a body on frame 4x4, flex is not necessarily bad. It can aid to articulation, but with weak points in the frame it can also aid to stress cracking. The FJ40 famously has flex designed into its frame.. and most rust out far before they crack.

    Here is a nice exaggerated example. Not really flex in this case so much as a pivot point.. I think it had hydraulic controls too but I can't remember.

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