"Fixing" Formula 1

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  1. So over the years, various rule changes get done to "Fix" F1.

    I'm pretty cynical that they actually achieve anything. What do you guys think? If you were Jean T or Bernie E what would you do?

  2. 1 car per team, 20 teams, 20 different manufacturers.

    bring back the screaming engines, 1,000bhp, something thats difficult to drive so we see the driver being challenged.

    make the teams all have the same engine power or very close.

    enclosed cockpits F16 style.

    don't confuse things, with too many tyre choices.

    make it so drivers can only race for like 7 yrs and then have to retire to let new drivers have a go.

    thats all I can think of.

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  3. Well, for starters, how about taking out ALL electronics out of the racing cars. Bring back driving to the drivers.

    Also, when there's a car that went off track, pull the yellow flag out. Before you go nuts on me saying "Hey! this ain't Nascar!" just think about it a bit. It would be safer for every body to have a full course yellow, but if the driver can drive his car to the pits, then local yellows would be fine.

    For the restart, make it a double file restart and close to the start/finish line. It would make for better racing.

    How about every teams got the same engine/transmission set up. This way no team got an advantage over the other teams. Chassis, suspension, downforce set ups can be done.

    Just saying, you know.

  4. I would love to see the old days come back but unfortunately our current understanding of aerodynamics is too good. I would like to see more innovation come back. give teams unlimited testing and scope of what they're allowed to do with the engine but limit the fuel. the aero can and probably should be pulled back a bit but besides the front and rear wing, also the diffuser, let the teams go nuts. F1 is not an affordable thing to do neccisarily. let the manufacturers pump all the money they want into it and see what happens. would also like to see actual stop restarts. lets see how forgiving those clutches are after a couple starts in a race
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  5. Formula 1 has become a commercial circus than a fan sport over the past few decades, especially how they have more more distant to their fanbase than ever. While IndyCar and NasCar are great for spectators, with many opportunities to have a look in the pits or to meet their favourite drivers, Formula 1 is very much behind closed doors.

    Overly regulated sports are just the sad reality of modern times, to preserve the health and safety of its drivers. Whether this is NasCar, WRC, Formula 1 or anything else, we have so much more performance engineering nowadays than in the 1950's, when a car was barely able to pull more than 1.5G in a corner. And yes, you'd need balls back then to dare to do that on those skinny (then new) radial tyres. Just like you'd need to have balls and endless amounts of faith now to do that with cars capable of pulling well over 4.

    So the shape of Formula 1 and its regulations nowadays are very much a necessity to me, but the real gain is making it better for the spectators. In all decades there have been incredibly dominant teams and drivers that would be way ahead of the pack. The measures they made over the years to improve overtaking (narrower cars, smaller rear wings, boost buttons, low-drag mode when you're behind someone on straights, grooved tyres, etc.) I think have worked well and there are less 'trains' than there were in the mid 90's and early 2000's.

    For those that are into close racing and want more access, there are always the lower racing classes which are great fun as well.
  6. Of the top of my head.

    * Bring back the Kitty litter on the outside of corners.

    * Stop giving drivers silly penalties for race incidents and let them decide the race on the track.

    * When two drivers fighting for positions are about to be laped it should be up the the driver doing the laping to make a safe pass.

    * Bring back refueling so we can have full speed racing from start to finish.

    * During qualifying slower driver should not be forced to step aside for faster driver.

    * Allow one car teams.

    Edit : Agree with Stangman about this one, For the restart, make it a double file restart and close to the start/finish line. It would make for better racing.
  7. Every other race should be done with Formula Ford cars. Really sort out who's actually a better driver.
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  8. Yeah they need the old lead up races with a grid full of F1 drivers in Dacia Sandero's or something equally as horrid
  9. Bring back the BMW M1 Procar Championship
  10. Nah, It's better to bring back the Can-Am series.
  11. would love that but it'll never happen
  12. With the technology of the 60's-70's, I'd love Can-Am as well, but nowadays we'd have drivers passing out in long corners if they were to maintain their "almost no rules" policies they had back then, it'd die in a similar fashion Group B died.
  13. exactly. but it would be neat to see them go to driverless cars when that happens
  14. from a technology point of view, it'd be interesting, but in reality it's like playing forza online, no? <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  15. this is true. you could just put the drivers in simulators to drive the car though. which would be amusing
  16. add turtle shells and banana peels and I'll watch it
  17. I was more thinking put all the simulators in a circle and have the drivers able to throw things at each other while racing.
  18. I missed this thread before, but the ultimate formula is to keep it raw, ballsy, and simple.

    Bring back the V12, 3.0 or 3.5 litre (whatever's necessary to have about 1000hp), but make it, and the transmission need to last 4 race weekends to keep the costs down.

    6 forward gears, manual transmission.

    Ground-effect aero which keeps the aero design simple yet allows high downforce and huge cornering speeds, ban all winglety/multi-element shit to make the aero simple and easy to trail closely in aero turbulence.

    Ban all aids, including power steering to make the cars really meaty again and a huge physical challenge to drive.

    Very durable tyres which force the drivers to go balls out from lights to flag.

    Closed cockpits to further enhance safety, and allow more leeway for increasing the speed of the cars.

    We have to remember one of the key reasons people watch sport - respect and awe for the competitors. Back in the 1950s you would have hundreds of thousands turn out to watch the German GP at the Nurburgring. Why? Cos even though you only got to see the cars once every 10 minutes, you knew they were risking their balls at that place. Same with the Tour de France. Even though you'll camp out all day just to see the cyclists flash past, people do it because they have awe for the guts of the competitors who are unbelievable athletes. We need to wow the fans again, and make it unfathomable how a human could possibly be driving that crazy F1 car.
  19. I'm pretty sure F1 cars are still a huge physical challenge. Any car that makes you lose weight is going to be a pretty physical one. 6Gs whilst cornering, 5G whilst braking etc - takes a #$%#ing toll on the body.
  20. It's still a huge challenge, don't get me wrong, you can't be in F1 without being a hell of an athlete, but it's no longer balls to the walls crazy. Someone actually asked Alonso when was the last time he had been physically pushed to the absolute limit in a race and he said it was in the early 2000s.

    I actually read something from Mika Hakkinen who said that half the reason they used to need to do so much pre-season testing was simply to get the drivers' neck muscles up to strength to survive a grand prix race. If they did the limited amount of testing they do now - then - they wouldn't be ready to race come March.
  21. The tracks:
    * Restore tracks to the old layouts. Long sweeping turns, wide zones for passing etc, no more of long straights to a tight turn.

    * Cut way back on downforce and make the cars more reliant on mechanical grip.

    * Increase HP. The increase HP combo with less downforce makes for a much harder car to drive. When the cars on the limit and drivers have to fight the cars, the racing improves.

    * No more paddle shifters, I wan't to see drivers using an H-pattern.

    *Bring back tobacco sponsorship. Tobacco used to bring in a ton of money to all kinds of motorsports. I know this is usually up to a specific country, but that alone discourages Marlboro or Camel to join of there cars are only shown in a handful of countries. Simple way to enforce this is the FIA could tell certain countries to either allow tobacco sponsorship or lose their Grand Prix. More money coming in would in theory reduce the cost of tickets and hopefully draw bigger crowds.

    * Let the drivers race each other. No more no blocking, etc... If they get tangled then thats their problem. Obviously still have black flags and penalties for blatant behavior, but "let the boys have at it" if I may take a play from Nascar.

    * Can't really change this one but damn are modern day drivers boring! No one smokes, drinks, parties nothing! I know I know they have to be in top shape nowadays but but people want a driver they can relate to. So if it were possible, I'd bring back the drivers from the 70's!

  22. I think this would change if it wasn't for twitter and snap chat and all the **** heads that are trying to get famous/paid off outting "celebrities" for bad behaviour.
    Staying in top shape is a smaller part of it. But they'd all party and bang a hooker if they knew that hooker wouldn't blast them all over social media
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  23. Lol, this is stupid
  24. Every third race should be done with Toyota Cavaliers.
    Make the pit crews all topless females.
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  25. Why? It brought in millions.

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