"Fixing" Formula 1

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  1. It kills millions. You're valuing motorsport over human life, which is insane.

    The day the last packet of cigarettes is sold will be a landmark day.
  2. Don't believe in freedom of choice friend? And people will always smoke tobacco, don't be naive.
  3. I thiunk you're the one baing naive here. There are many extremely good reasons why tobacco should not be advertised. I shouldn't be the one to reveal this to you - it's been common knowledge for decades that smoking kills.

    As with this conversation, sometimes people need to be saved from their own idiocy, so here's the thing:

    No advertisement = fewer people smoking = fewer people developing terminal illnesses = a good thing. Even businesses have to consider how ethical their practices are. It is not ethical to advertise a product that has been medically proven to shorten the lives of those who use it.

    I guarantee you're the only person on your side of the argument.
  4. Curious if lack of advertisement actually results in decrease of smoking. I wonder how much of it is education about the damages it does. I think the anti-smoking ads probably help more than removing the smoking ads. I used to be a daily smoker. I quit because I noticed how it was affecting me. I used to swim a lot when I was a kid. I'd be able to hold my breath for a good 2 minutes under water. Then it got to where it was hard to hold it for 45 seconds. That coupled with all the ads with people that got seriously fucked up because of smoking made me decide to quit. I've had 3-4 cigarettes in about 4 years. In the past two years I've had none.
    Hmmm, I know... anti-smoking ads sponsored by tobacco companies on the cars :p
  5. The mentality that some small group of people should make decisions for the collective is whats wrong with this world. There's nothing unethical about advertising a product. The consumer still needs to walk in the store to use the product, no one is forcing them. Free your mind mang. Besides lets stay on topic, we can debate how having an overbearing government regulating advertising because people couldn't dare be trusted with their own choices in another thread.
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  7. After watching the Hungary GP, which was by far the dullest GP of this season so far, I must say I think F1 is pretty fine as it is right now. Everyone who wants everybody to be able to fight with everybody from a material point of view should be watching spec series or something. Cars can drive pretty close to each other, especially compared to 80s, 90s and 2000s, on-track battles are great, the DRS and tactical charging of power is entertaining, the different sets of tyres for the strategical element...

    I still think the only real gains to make F1 better is to have a look at the American series and how often/close fans can get to their heroes/drivers and such in comparison.
  8. Well 18 days to go, to see if 2017 will be awesome...

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