Flat 6???????

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  1. I find it amazing how most porsches get away with V6's. Sill because allmost all other supercars in this range are all big V12's
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    The power of TURBO my man<!-- Signature -->
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    This car has a Flat-6, not a V6
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    Yeah, turbochargers do some amazing things. I believe it was the Jaguar XJ220 that originally began its life with a V-12, but at some point, the development team switched to a twin-turbo six-cylinder (though I can't recall if it was in-line or V), and managed to get right into the same performace area as they had with the V-12. As I remember it, this upgrade also significantly reduced the car's oveall weight.

    It's only too bad that the turbocharger hasn't really caught on in the 'States. They're more fuel-efficient, so it's a wonder why American companies aren't using them. I think it's just an internal idea that 4- and 6-cylinder engines can't compete with big-bore V-8's and V-10's. Oh, well, I suppose that's why the foreign car market's always been fairly strong...

    But, hey, that's just my opinion.

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    Ya the great thing about turbos is they can really save weight. Although they are only truely appreciated with a quality performace engine.
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