Flock of MINI Clubmans Caught Uncovered

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. i wont and u cant make me so ...STFU
  2. i didnt like both of them
  3. It's kinda cool. Mini should expand, and if this clubman is as fun to drive and joy to look at as the two new mini's have been, no doubt it's gonna be a popular buy.
  4. Keep on being retarded then
  5. YoUr GrAmMaR rAwKs
  6. i like the rear door, but it just doesn't look right other than that, it's not a mini if it's not well.....mini this thing looks like panda after the penis pump......too long and dispraportioned
  7. Shut it, niggerish.
  10. Oh God why?
  11. they fuccked the mini with the new new one.
  12. Because they made it 30 years ago =?
  13. That doesn't make it pretty. Or a good idea.
  14. its practicall, and it does look good.
  16. Practical, yes. But I think it ruins the proportions. The old clubmans managed to look better somehow, but even they look a little awkward IMO.

    PLUS if you wanna get real technical they're not that practical given their price. You could buy a lot of more practical vehicles for a lot less. So it really just comes down to the "Awwwww, look it's a Mini. How cute" factor.
  17. The 07 Mini is too big as it is.
  18. Some people suck in this thread.
  20. the old clubmans weren't brakes you moron.

    Practicallity has nothing to do with price, hence any shooting brake
  21. GCOTY
    (Gayest Car of the Year)
  22. You mean you would take it up the ass to have one of these ?
  23. give me back my wallet

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