Fluchtwagen doesn't look anything like I expected

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mclaren777, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Not even close, in fact.
  2. Judging from his posts? Seriously?
  4. dunno wut 2 say
  5. looks like the usual ugly tech fatty
  6. Id hit it
  7. what a #%$
  8. Yeah, I figured he'd look more like volvobob.
  9. nice boobs on her
  10. that picture is from the member's collage, which has my picture in it...
  11. I can't imagine anybody to look like that
  12. I know, but I'd never looked at that collage until tonight. And that wasn't until after seeing you on Facebook.
  13. You should probably start some type of exercise routine. You're a little young to be looking like that.
  14. well aware
  15. Cheese Cake Factory?
  16. Clearly.
  17. Not trying to be a dick. If you need diet advice or anything, I'm sure WCW would hook you up.
  18. Is WCW a personal trainer or something?
  19. Nah he's just got a MASSIVE COCK
  20. We already talked about it...

    there have been a few threads about this already.
  21. Really? I've never seen them. Like I said, I'm trying not to be a dick, I know this place can be merciless.
  22. oh no, i understand, i'm not implying that you are, it's just that I'm already taking measures and whatnot.
  23. Ok cool. I know we've had our differences on this site, but it's not like I'd think it was funny if you were in bad health or something. All of us still need to be posting here when we're 80, still trolling.
  24. That's actually exactly what I expected him to look like based on the numerous times he's posted his picture on here.

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