Flying car ready to wing in

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  1. Aviation experts are on cloud nine after forming a company to turn the dream of a flying car into reality. The boffins want to build a road-legal saloon that can take to the sky, hopping over jams to make short work of cross-country journeys.

    Called Transition, it has 27ft wings that fold away on land so the car takes up the same road space as a large MPV. "It will be capable of driving at normal road speeds, flying as fast as a light aircraft, and parking in a standard garage," said a spokeswoman for US-based designer Terrafugia.

    Engineers have teamed up with aerospace experts on the project. They believe it could fly from London to Edinburgh in three hours, providing there is 1,500 feet of clear tarmac to allow it to take off and land.

    "The fact that you can drive the Transition to any airfield, fly, and then continue to your destination by road in the same vehicle is unique," added the spokeswoman. Orders can be placed with the firm from July. (AutoExpress)
  2. Perfect drug smuggling/get away vehicle
  3. It's going to be another stupid gimmick that wont change anything.
  4. lol wen the wings r up n ur drivin round u got sum serious blind spots with the wings lol
  5. lol yeh wtf
  7. IMHO, it never will hit the road
  8. Truth, and when flying cars become a reality, they won't look anything like this IMO
  9. Downforce would be an obvious problem.
  11. Needs missiles.
  12. like the Veyron eh
  13. the Veyron was a more realictic concept to hit the road finally,
    don�t expect this to get a road registration
  14. That'd be a bad thing for something that flies
  15. *action missles
  16. needs more cowbell
  18. Or a good thing, depending on how you look at it.
  19. (not conspicuous at all)
  20. true, its because they will look like this
  21. lol
  22. you know some twats gonna be driving along the motorway and accidently deploy the wing and crush someone next to them

  23. ok, so it's a cessna with street wheels, so what?
  24. if you think bad drivers are dangerous enough in the cars of today...
  25. dumb shit, its not going to happen, and definitely not on a large scale if it does.

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