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    Gimme some of your gamer tags (mine is Kimpressor83) so I can have a fun in the rivals section trying to beat your lap times on various circuits. I mostly play E up to A class, sometimes S, because it provides more close and fun racing than the hyper classes (also less rammers) online.

    Also, nobody ever really talks until America starts to play it seems, though Aussies are kinda chatty too. But seriously, there's always an American having the need to tell you what everyone can read: irts loardin, inarmishern, I voa fo roe detlenta etc. which is just really amusing and makes for a fun drinking game if you're with a friend at home or something.

    Anyway, tags and comments go below. If it becomes a popular thread somehow, I'll maintain a list of gamer tags in the fipo.

    b1ancardi (Aych Es Vee)
    ETB4U (ETB4U)
    Kimpressor83 (MooSquad)
    RichWVU (sixspeedfirebird)
    ruerd (Baklava/w00t)
    thebarron111989 (thebarron1989)
    TipoF130 (Tipo F130A)
    WETWRX (SEABEE/CrystalBaller)

    Round 1 Lime Rock Full, A Class (July 10 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Lancia 037
    54.233 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- TVR Sagaris
    56.686 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Lancia 037 (did not set a time actively this week)
    59.852 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- BMW M3 '97
    59.231 @Aych Es Vee (b1ancardi) --- Holden Commodore VL (lap marked with !)

    Round 2 Laguna Seca, A Class (July 17 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Fiat 124 Spider
    1.34.731 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Mazda RX-7 '97
    1.38.622 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Dodge Viper '99
    1.39.436 @Aych Es Vee (b1ancardi) --- BAC Mono
    1.41.179 @thebarron1989 (thebarron111989) --- Chevrolet Camaro '15 (dit not set a time actively this week)
    1.38.310 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Lexus LFA (did not set a time actively this week, lap marked with !)

    Round 3 Rio Coast, B Class (July 24 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Lamborghini Miura '67
    51.220 @sixspeedfirebird (richWVU) --- Chevrolet Corvette '60
    51.313 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Lotus Elise '05
    53.294 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Ferrari 512 TR
    53.885 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Pontiac Trans Am '02
    1.01.276 @Aych Es Vee (b1ancardi) --- Dodge Viper '99

    Round 4 Brands Hatch Indy (dry) S Class (July 31 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- McLaren F1 GT
    46.888 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Dodge Viper '08
    47.630 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Formula Ford
    47.756 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Ferrari 599 GTO
    48.637 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Dodge Viper '08

    Round 5 Long Beach (full), D Class (August 7 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Alfa Romeo GTA
    1.38.988 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Mazda Cosmo '72
    1.39.525 @sixspeedfirebird (richWVU) --- Pontiac Trans Am '73
    1.40.597 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Alfa Romeo GTA
    1.42.691 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Ford Lotus Cortina
    1.50.469 @Tipo F130A (TipoF130) --- Alfa Romeo SZ

    Round 6 Hockenheim Short, D Class, restrictions: Japanese rwd only (August 14 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Toyota Trueno
    1.14.888 @sixspeedfirebird (richWVU) --- Mazda Cosmo '72
    1.15.365 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Mazda MX-5 '94
    1.17.923 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Datsun 510
    1.18.125 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Hyundai Veloster
    1.21.012 @thebarron1989 (thebarron111989) --- Toyota GT86 (did not set a time actively, lap marked with !)

    Round 7 Prague Short Reverse, C Class (August 21 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- BMW M5 '95
    1.06.572 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Infiniti IPL G
    1.07.086 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Honda S2000 '09
    1.08.945 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- MItsubishi Eclipse '95
    1.11.984 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Jeep Willy's

    Round 8 Road Atlanta Club, B Class (August 29 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Holden VL Commodore Group A SV '88
    1.02.552 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air '02
    1.02.705 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Lotus Elise 111S '05
    1.05.248 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R '00
    1.05.349 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 '87
    1.06.485(!) @thebarron1989 (thebarron111989) --- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X GSR'08

    Round 9 Alps Stadtplatz, A Class (September 5 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Ferrari F50
    1.31.133 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Honda NSX-R Team Forza
    1.31.521 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Ferrari F50
    1.31.955 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Lotus 2-eleven
    1.34.508 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Nissan GTR '02

    Round 10 COTA West, A Class RWD Cars that are originally FWD (September 12 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Alfa Romeo Giuletta
    1.41.579 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Volkswagen Scirocco '11
    1.45.429 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Honda Civic '97
    1.47.404 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Volkswagen Corrado VR6
    1.47.990 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Lancia Fulvia

    Round 11 Watkins Glen, R Class, Racecars only (September 19 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor 83) --- Ganassi Chevy Nascar
    1.07.929 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Lotus 77
    1.07.937 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Lotus 77
    1.08.139 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Porsche 911 GT1
    1.09.193 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Porsche 911 GT1

    Round 12 VIR Patriot, B Class, FWD only (September 26 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Abarth 695 Biposto
    47.423 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Mazda 3 '10
    47.439 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Fiat Abarth 500
    48.180 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Honda Civic '97
    49.571 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Mazda 3 '10

    Round 13 Catalunya School Circuit, A700, Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Only (October 3 2016)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor 83) --- Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupé Black Series
    48.957 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupé Black Series
    48.975 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupé Black Series
    50.118 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupé Black Series
    51.188 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupé Black Series

    Round 14 Top Gear Loop (wet), E-Class, 4WD/AWD Not Allowed (October 10)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Volkswagen Type 2
    1.06.038 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- BMW 2002 Turb0
    1.08.408 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Alpine A110
    1.10.863 @Aych Es Vee (b1ancardi) --- Ford Raptor '11 (did not actively set a time this week)

    Round 15 Monza Short, B-Class, >3000 lbs (October 17)
    >>> Continues in Post 3 of this thread
  2. I already added you i think.

    I always play a-class
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    Yeah, seen that, I got Aych Es Vee among friends there too
    His VL really is his favourite car in video games too

    Also, I hit the 10,000 character limit of the first post, so the challenges overview continues here:

    Round 15 Monza Short, B-Class, >3000 lbs (October 17)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Jaguar XJS '90
    54.759 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- BMW M5 '95
    55.910 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Lamborghini Countach LP5000
    56.197 @Baklava (ruerd) --- Volkswagen Scirocco '11 (did not actively set a time this week)
    56.742 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Ford Mustang Cobra '93

    Round 16 Sonoma Short, S-Class (October 24)
    @MooSquad (Kimpressor83) --- Ferrari BBLM
    1.15.717 @sixspeedfirebird (RichWVU) --- Ferrari 360 CS
    1.22.212 @SEABEE (WETWRX) --- Shelby Cobra 427, smoking spectacle
    1.24.489 @ETB4U (ETB4U) --- Porsche 959 (lap marked with !)

    Round 17 Sebring Short, B-Class, Drag Tyres (October 31)
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  4. For A-Class I built some nice cars I can use around various circuits, by the way, but somehow masochism kicked in and I'm obsessed with trying to make the Metro 6R4 competitive. So far it only is around a wet Brands Hatch, but it's so goddamn skittish and I keep making adjustments to finally find some kind of sweet spot with this monster. So far I didn't, yet.
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  5. Question.. do you get notification if somebody beats your time?
    :nut :nut :nut
  6. I don't think you do
  7. im always smashing on your guys' rivals times
    nah i play like every 2 weeks whenever i wanna pick a random car and build it
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  8. add me to the list!

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  9. :D haha, thats why I bought the game/console.
    Although, they have the wrong version of the VL in there. I wish you get delete the crazy Walkinshaw body kit....
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  10. Yeah I know what you mean.. you want the sleek ass, not that high square thing
    Anyway, saw that and couldn't help myself grabbing a Ford Falcon (XB tho) to at least beat your Catalunya A-class time :D haha
    Dunno if I'm gonna get that car pack tho.. probably I will
  11. This game and you guys talking about it are about the only reasons I have a slight interest in buying an xbox
  12. RichWVU

    Play it very casually,
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    Created this A-Class monster, doing very well on medium speed (lime rock) up to higher speed circuits (sebring full, catalunya) and I'm pretty consistently ending up on the podium online among the typical X-Bows and Monos no problem. Very forgiving oversteer, very easy to cure understeer, gearbox nice and short so there's plenty of power available at any speed you're going. It's mostly really fun to drive, however. So anyway, tune made available, just search by username or something (I called it A Class Beast, if you rather look for the name). So give it a go ;)

    edit: talking about that Falcon XB, btw
    edit 2: already built a Jag D-Type that's a few tenths faster around Catalunya, but it's harder to be consistent with that thing
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  14. Let's set some Rivals laptimes, as we're all in completely different timezones, the odds we'd be on a grid online altogether are rather slim.
    Any of you guys have a favourite class/circuit? We'll just give us all 1 week each time to set a best laptime. Actually, let's play it this way: whoever finishes in second place gets to pick the Circuit and Class, just to keep it awesome. Standard Forza rules apply: dirty laps are automatically inferior to (slower) clean laps.

    I'll start with the first mission and that's A-Class on Lime Rock Full Circuit
    Please set a time before midnight Sunday to Monday, UK time (that's July 11th or so).

    edit: the standard taggery @Aych Es Vee @Baklava @sixspeedfirebird and anyone else is free to join as well, just mention your gamer tag name here. Racing every challenge is not mandatory, but clearly the more people the more joy.
  15. I'm on holiday for a couple of weeks so i can't race :(
  16. That's ok, have a fun :D
  17. I feel like we tried this before, with mixed results, but I'm down to give it a try.

    Fully prepared to finish last every time.
  18. Yeah, I believe that was Forza 2 or Forza 3 when we did
  19. I must also say I do this with in the back of my head that maybe through google and the right keywords and whatnot, it may generate some new users without having to directly approach anyone, but maybe that's naive on my side that may happen.
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  20. This month's B-Class Compact Classic challenge in the game is harrrd by the way, I'm still like 10 seconds off the pace, putting me in the 4th percentile instead of the usual 1st or 2nd. Just watched the replay of some guy doing it in a barely drivable 850'ish hp Alfa GTA, seriously _O_ And I was happy with my time in my Volvo 123GT already ffs
  21. I will try after work today!
  22. Post times as we set them? Post at the end? Or let the games rivals system handle it?
  23. What kind of Gamestation is this on
  24. Mine is thebarron111989
  25. I'm not on it as much as before but I'll get on tomorrow and add ya and try out the b-class compact classic challenge

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