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  1. I still don't really know what kind of car I want for this. The subarleggera would be amazing on smaller and twistier circuits because of the weight advantage that racks up PI points very quickly. Then I had my speedbuilt Kadett, which was good for 1.07.4, but then the grip built Punto was even faster (I do 116 mph or so instead of 130 the speedbuilds do) by a couple of tenths. Then again, with any car, any lap, I become more familiar with the track too, so that's probably also a big influence.

    That bridge entry bend, though, I keep hitting that sidewalk unsettling the car 180 degrees into the bridge wall tho, I should take it a little easier there, haha, a bit less sharp.

    edit: it's just that one apex I shouldn't nail, basically
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    Also, I received the Escort RS1600 and the Falcon XY GTHO for competing in the ESL competition, I'll try to beat the Punto time with them later if they're decent vehicles

    edit: hit 140 mph in the Falcon on a 1.07.3 lap, I guess I should sacrifice some of that sweet speed for grip it lacks dramatically haha
  3. Some pics of the early car choices of ours:
  4. I'm seeing 130 on the bridge with the S2k, and I'm just just just able to keep it floored through the chicanes before the bridge. I could be wrong, but I feel like that's probably exactly the amount of grip you need.

    I'm really bad at the last real corner, never slow down enough for it o matter how many times I try.
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  5. I think you're exactly right here
  6. Oh the 3000ish lbs Falcon was worthless because there are so many long bends and such. The Escort weighing about half of it (and having half the power at that) was a lot more efficient at tackling this. The only pro of a heavy car is that you don't really notice the bumps of the chicane and coming onto the bridge.

    edit: offtopic, what happened to add lightness?
  7. Just realized that you have to actually accept your rewards after visiting the forza rewards website. I had 8mil in cash sitting in my inbox for forza 2.
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  8. Wait what, i had no idea
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  9. Ah yeah, add Forza Hub to your xboxone apps to receive weekly free credits on playing any of the forza titles
  10. Broke into the 1.05's finally, the E46 M3 did 1.06.000 on the 1/1000th exactly, but this modofaka went a bit quicker round a lap
    Eins Zwei Polizei, Drei Vier Grenadier
  11. Been rather busy this week, think my Tuesday S2k time is going to have to stand.
  12. 1.06.572 infinity ipl g
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  13. I'm thinking and I'd like some feedback on this and that's to move the deadline for future challenges to Monday 12:00 noon UK (instead of Sunday-Monday 12:00 at night) time so that those west of the atlantic have a full Sunday evening as well to set a time. Y/N?
  14. Sure, don't see any reason why not.
  15. whats next ttrack
  16. @Baklava pick the next track, class, eventual handicaps, etc. :)

    Results were as follows for Prague Short -R
    1.05.665 BMW M5 '95 @MooSquad
    1.06.572 Infiniti IPL G @Baklava
    1.07.086 Honda S2000 '09 @sixspeedfirebird
    1.08.945 Mitsubishi Eclipse '95 @SEABEE
    1.11.984 Jeep Willy's @ETB4U

    Also saw @SEABEE with manual clutch I think, those 2 long right handers (first corner and the one going out of the tunnel) must've been pretty tricky on the downshifts I'd imagine, seeing how these cars tend to unsettle when they're not perfectly straight :O
  17. Someone else can pick, i already picked a few times. CB?
  18. @SEABEE for the taggery of the post above

    Meanwhile I'd like to look back at the previous challenge for a second and how hard it was to me. There are 2 kind of tracks I have problems with when it comes to navigating them initially: street circuits and infield tracks inside of ovals and such. Though this may also just be a familiarity issue because after dozen laps it became better. Out of all tracks (that aren't VIR or Homestead DLC) Prague is absolutely the location I never had a thing for, but that's mostly due to bad online experiences. This -R Short was nice, the key was all about being smooth and that was pretty difficult. After having become more familiar with the track I enjoyed it, however.

    At first I tried the lighter cars and while nimble and really nice around the 2 long right handers, they just get thrown about everywhere on bumps. Also the initial chicane would rather be a gamble on whether to survive and proceed with the lap or just cruise it out and try again a minute later. If one thing dominated all my fastest laps (brat, kadett, punto, escort, m3, m5) is that they all had alot of damage and these all came from either the chicane or the bridge entry. Having seen the replays, Baklava's Inifiniti seems to take on that bridge bump the smoothest, but it affected everyone. In the normal short I never even noticed there was such bump, haha.

    But the thing that annoyed me the most of this track is where the split time counter is located. Anything dirty after that means you'd have to drive for 1½ lap for your next attempt. Those smooth round sidewalks in the final long right hander (that double apex one), when taking them with a wheel too many (because slide, it's not even faster or something) means you get that exclamation mark popping in the right top of your screen. That was the only thing that just annoyed me. But at least I think I've become a bit better competition now online on this track. Granted a start goes normally, but that goes for any circuit online.

    On that note, the Formula Ford league last week, while they're really great cars to drive, even while we had rolling starts... people can't drive, I swear. The fields would typically be 20-24 cars and if I'd start in 22nd, I gladly just cruise my way to the first corner, shortshifting, relaxing and find myself to be 10th 2 corners later without touching a single car. It wasn't exceptional, it was typical. And that's just really worrying. The grid positions were decided by the fastest laptime of the previous race (fastest clean-slowest clean-fastest dirty-slowest dirty) and while with the Mustangs (similar grid system) it'd usually be alright to make an unnecessary pitstop in the 2nd lap so you'd have some clean air to set a quick time in lap 4 to get yourself a top 3 grid spot, this absolutely didn't work with the Formula Fords. There'd always be someone fucking up, far ahead and you'd close in so damn rapidly you'd always have the dirty drag. Even when you're taking the absolute other side of a straight. It's just really sad, because the cars are such great fun to drive and you really can make a difference as a driver in this spec series.

    I'd also like to mention something super positive. It should be the norm, honestly, but it's so exceptional online that it makes me happier than it should: I was racing ABCS's and I was designated S-Class for a race on Watkins Glen. I chose the McLaren F1 I used in the Brands Hatch Challenge and some other guy started in a Saleen S7. There were 2 other S-Class cars too, but not really relevant to this story. Anyway, the Saleen and I have the drag race of our lives to the first corner, he's on my inside, I stick next to him, we go right, no touching, just perfect space giving. Then there's the uphill mild right turn before going into the full speed left turn heading for the chicane, this time I'm on the inside and same story, giving each other space, going side by side into the chicane where he was on my inside again. Took the place because he went on the brakes a few meters earlier than I did, but after the chicane he popped up on my inside again, space was given. We did practically half a lap on a mega pace side by side and then it became a slalom skiing challenge when encountering the ABC class cars. It made me so happy I saved the replay haha.
  19. Or in picture forme
    Start of the race, waiting for the green light. Takes so much time in S-Class as the C's get about half a minute head start. I believe the Countach and the Pontiac were B's
    First corner, Saleen is in the right place, but I'm sticking to his side. M1 waiting to pick up the pieces.
    Kept it! And now we go left. In most online races this would become an accident, but...
    Space has been given because he kept it next to me and now we're approaching the traffic. The M1 vulture did not get his meal
    Start of the next lap. But got a huge advantage because he had to yield for a Clio V6 in front of him that just parked it on the apex and took the win. But those were the most awesome 1+ laps I've ever done in Forza online when it comes to respectful battling.
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  20. i dont know what tracks are fun really, id rather the more competitive guys pick. though I do like that we have been picking tracks that are in the minute to 1:30/lap range
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  21. Alright, let's keep it in that range. No restrictions, B-Class, Road Atlanta Club (so that's the short version with that tricky long fast right corner leading to the long straight that goes to that chicane). I don't have any B-Class experience on that circuit yet, but that class seems to be the most tricky one when it comes to finding a balance between grip and speed. This circuit should mostly be about how many horses you can keep drivable, because speed really matters here.

    The new deadline is August 29, 12 noon UK time, so 12 hours later than normally, to give the Americas a full Sunday evening as well. The first few days are mostly about experimenting after all.

    edit: as for that range, in our compo the winning times will probably be around 1'04 ish
  22. Perhaps we're gonna get well under the 1:04 as these 2 vehicles I clocked 1:05.8 with, did 6 or 7 laps with them each.
    The polimo (rwd converted)
    the pizza delivery
  23. Also getting the hang of its dimensions.. if you're not selecting this replay as ghost, you're missing out on watching the absolute edge of what can be considered a clean lap here :D
    Top of the hill
    Chicane exit
  24. I watched that truck and it has some crazy handling through that chicane. Hitting 1.9's with an AWD converted Lotus Carlton. It's like every time I get a good time through the chicane, I either botch the breaking point after the straight away or the turn right before the finish line.
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