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  1. Ford reveals global touring car concept

    Ford has revealed the global touring car concept on the new Ford Focus at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.
    "This teamwork has resulted in a global racing platform using a common Focus body and a safety cage built to FIA regulations – a competitive platform that can be tailored for regional competition, based on different rules," said Jost Capito, director of Ford Global Performance Vehicles and Motorsport Business Development.
    The car is going to be available for touring car privateer teams around the world.

    "There has been tremendous interest from the racing world in the new Focus, and it’s the perfect fit for a global touring car. Even more, by working with professional private race teams, we’re ensuring Focus has the support it needs to compete and win around the world," said Capito.

    Ford made a similar effort with the older version of the Focus. Ford Hotfiel Sport ran four Ford Focus with semi-official support from Ford in the 2005 FIA World Touring Car Championship with limited success.

    This time though Ford says it is going to be different.

    "Ford’s commitment to using motorsports to influence high-performance vehicles will be highly evident, as the development of the Focus touring car will also provide valuable input as we develop the upcoming Focus ST production car," said Capito.

    While Ford has confirmed to build the car in S2000 specification, it has not been confirmed to be built in NGTC specification for the BTCC. Despite that, Ford expects it to make it first appearance in the BTCC 2011.
  2. The best american car company.
  3. Not a fan of the new Focus
  4. those wheels look sweet as hell
  5. quite ugly, I must say
  6. Are you blind? That thing is hot as hell. You know you want one, just grow up and admit it.
  7. The tail lights must go.
  8. Your family is ugly.
  11. That car is about as American as my GTO.
  12. The proportions are wrong. The WRC version is better, not to mention the amazing Fiesta S2000, which is how this car should've looked.
  14. looks like a Kia Rio from these perspectives, really
  16. The best car company.
  17. Are you thinking about replacing your older Focus?
  18. Good looking car. Compared to the outgoing model, GREAT looking car! Love the front, not sold on the back.
  19. Ferrari S2000?
  21. I want a road legal one of those. Shouldn't be too hard since WRC cars are practically road legal.
  22. looks horrible.

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