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  1. How is a Ford Focus a supercar?
  2. Re: Focus?

    Define supercar. Everybody has a different idea of what a great automobile should be. I, for one, enjoy my Focus.
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    shut up u gay this focus is a supercar only cuz fod spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in it u know if honda spent that many yen in an integra or civic type R they wil have ford focus fr 200s by the nuts and then there will be another 4 cylinder domestic gunna be the laughing stock of the import scene hhahaha peace imout any one else wana battle me and my boyz come get sme from maddrifter32, str8upjdm, and JDMViCsr20 hhahaha youll try us while we yell in victory with our fist drawn in the air!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    this is maddrifter32, yea i changed my name to JDMdrifteRB26. so come and battle me suckas!!<!-- Signature -->

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