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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, May 28, 2016.

  1. For stuff you cook/eat out.
  2. Right now I'm roasting some peanuts. I'll make homemade peanut butter out of them.
    Also got some chicken livers in the fridge and I will have to cook them today at some point. Still undecided how, but most probably with onions and date honey.
  3. Can't wait to go to a nice little restaurant up the hill tonight. It's my second to last weekend in Paris, so I'm making the most of all the excellent duck in this city.
  5. Had some chicken tacos yesterday. They were delish. It is currently 1pm and I'm thinking leftover chicken tacos for breakfast. Weekends are nice.
  6. Step one:
  7. Peanut goo is one of my favorite kinds of goo
  8. Made stir fry. Came out meh, but edible.
  9. Went for a Chinese smorgasbordwith the kids tonight. It was surprisingly good.
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  11. I had some shrimps leftover that did not get cooked into a jambalaya, so I pan fried them up as a snack in butter and hot sauce.
  12. Chili con pollo today. Cooked way too much. But it's great leftover food so no worries.
  13. Just came back and had a Beaver Tail. So Canadian and oh so good!!

  14. These look like crêpes that have been heavily influenced by your neighbours to the south
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  15. You should share your spam recipe with us.
  16. Wait, is that ACTUAL shit on a shingle?
  17. Lol. No properly spam posts from him... yet.

    I'll be hovering over the "ban" button until then, however
  18. I would've thought that you'd tolerate a few links to Viagra/Cialis merchants if it meant having a new member around??
  19. Giblets are underrated and underused here. It's fine by me because I can get them for little money (4€/kg compared to a 10-ish€/kg for cleaned whole chicken).
  20. And it's damn good.
  21. No!!!!:mad:
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