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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, May 28, 2016.

  1. I'm not even listenning to that video, no way.
  2. This week I'm eating mostly Azn

    Wonton, kimbap, minge
  3. & bumbles
  4. Eating asian this week as well. Started out with the bakso, yesterday and today mie goreng
  5. She would go in the "minge" category

    Anyway, not my type
  6. I think I spoke to her on the phone.

    She was like "SQUEEEEEEE" basically
  7. Boxxy seems like a conservative housewife compared to that girl
  8. who or what is bumbles
  9. Don't remember the user BumbleBoa?
  10. Doesn't ring a bell.
  11. One of the few female members
  12. I'm having people over so I'm cooking a huge paella tonight. It's going to be epic!
  13. Found a great dim sum place nearby. There's actually two places right next to each other, because at first there was one and then the owners had a fight and one of them just opened competition nextdoor.
  14. A fellatious and hyperactive 12-year-old azn girl
  15. but NOT kitsune
  16. Made some Nasi Goreng nasigoreng.jpg
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  17. Is that fancy talk for sliced veggies and rice with corn flakes sprinkled on it?
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  18. Fried rice with garlic, rawit, kecap manis, egg. Fried onion on top. Veggies on the side for being healthy i guess. Other stuff is krupuk udang.

    Easy meal, but fucking delicious

  19. Indonesian fried rice is most definitely not fancy.
  20. Also w00t +1 for cooking something that isn't kroketten
  21. I said fancy talk. Not fancy food.
    It does look good though tbh
  22. i don't even know how to make kroketten lol. but yeah i cook asian food a lot these days. i have a rice steamer, pestle and mortar, use ingredients i never heard of etc.

    i'm slowly turning into an asian
  23. You're cooking some Asian pussy that's what
  24. that's for sure

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