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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IdoL, May 28, 2016.

  1. Today I had the best green thai curry I've had in three years since my old favorite place shut down. I had almost forgot about probably my favorite dish. No pics, was too busy stuffing my face
  2. You guys just high fived
  3. It's pretty good. Tastes like spinach, but crunchier.
  4. Yeah you want one as well?
  5. Oooo nice morning glory. So crunchy and delish.

    I'm growing those on our little farm. They manage surprisingly well even in this cold climate.
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  6. I didn't know they were that easy to grow. I should, it's fucking expensive here.
  7. Fijian coconut curry goat....... I says damn.

    2016-08-27 17.31.54.jpg
  8. i had curried goat once from a local indian place
    I didnt like it
    I think goat is an inferior meat animal. is this true
  9. Goat can be really good imo
  10. If done right, goat is amazing. The problems are that if slaughtered too young or too old the meat isn't very good. With restaurants having cost to consider they often buy cheaper meat. With goat that usually means older animals that were used for milk that no longer produce. Goats make mucj more money as a milk animal than a meat animal. So most are bread for milk then slaughtered afterwards. The other issue is most restaurants don't cook it properly. It has to be slow cooked. Simmered for quite a few hours. If it's not it can be a bit tough. And with a restaurants time constraints they usually cook it to order. So it doesn't get simmered long enough.

    Edit: Sorry for the grammatical disaster. On my wicked autocorrecting phone.
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  11. Your curry looks like da poo poo from other man's anus

    I make a West African goat soss that looks like that (with bitterleaf, palmnut cream, egusi seeds n dried crayfish banged into a paste with chilis). Looks and sounds fking gross but tastes soooo good.
  12. Yes looks gross. Tastes amazing. And the goat does too........

    Our recipe is basically. Onions, garlic, cumin, salt, curry, tumeric, cinnamon, fennel seeds, green beans, crushed tomatoes, tomatoe paste, coconut milk, goat. With some other spices depending on your taste.
  13. but wouldnt i rather just have cow
    or chicken or lamb or something
  14. Folgers boneless chicken breast gluten free caesar salad sushi tortilla wrap

    Yea leave the goat to us
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  15. Best goat i've had was sate kambing. Street food[​IMG]
  16. Curried chicken is good. Curried beef just doesn't taste the same. Lamb is much gamier and depends on your ethical stand.
  17. I had goat an an ethiopian joint (at least I think it was goat) and it was pretty good. 8/10 would eat again
  18. I totally improvised some homemade turkey pastrami last night and it came out awesome.
    Bought a piece of turkey breast (it was around half a kilo), smeared it with some butter, rubbed with a spice mix I made up out of stuff I had, added some sugar and threw it in the oven. Wasn't sure when it was ready, but the internet said 70C on the inside, so I checked and viola:

    The side dish is another improvised one - hummus and sweet corn "pie" with parmesan. It's OK.
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  19. I tried to make some sort of improvised bibimbap from stuff I had at home, didn't have the necessary ingredients for a proper one (and no fresh eggs) so I just made a pile of seasoned rice and made adjacent piles of other things.

    I like growing bean, herb, etc. sprouts during these long winter months when fresh vegs are scarce and expensive. So crunchy and tasty for a few cents worth of seeds and a few days of watering.

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  20. That looks damn tasty
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  21. 1. 003.jpg

    2. ???????

    3. 004.jpg

    4. Profit
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  22. I fucking hate pinyin btw. It's like corn. No flavor at all and it doesn't have any nutrients.
  23. Pinyin? The only pinyin I know is the phonetic romanization system of Chinese characters.
  24. beansprouts, tauge whatever you want to call it

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